Cub. 11. Score Editor Problem in displaying notes

For the third week I have been tormenting myself with the sheet music editor. I really want a fix.


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

What graphic card do you use, please?

GeForce GTX 750 ti.
Loaded in saved mode. (including “no settings”) No result.

That sounds like a font issue to me. (not sure)
Try another font in Score Settings>Project>Font Settings>Score Font and see how it goes.

Can you check if it behaves the same with page mode?


Maestro Thanks for the advice. I will try.
This is a problem in page mode! I also need to print the sheet music for the ensemble. Actually waiting for what the music editor in Cubes. :slight_smile:

Sorry. I should’ve noticed.
If you want, I can test the cpr file on my MAC (to see if it’s a windows problem or not).
I have multiple Cubase versions installed, so if you upload it, I can help narrow down the probable reasons why it behaves like this…

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Оставайся мальчик с нами 2.cpr (1.2 MB)
Uploading: Оставайся мальчик с нами 2.cpr…

I found what the problem is, but I don’t know yet what caused it.

It’s not a font problem. Here’s how it looks on my MAC (C.11).

GIF (Cubase 11)


Solution (using the List Editor to delete the bug)
Note: I’ve used C10.5 here (the same result you’ll get with both C10 and C11).

  1. Select the buggy MIDI part, then click on Open List Editor.

  2. Now you need to delete a Score Event that’s usually right at the beginning of the troubled measure…
    Score event

  3. Done.

Thank you dear, but this is not a mistake! :laughing: Rather, this is not the mistake! It was a rhythmic figure without notes. The guitarist simply has to play a rhythmic pattern in harmony. The problem is when artifacts appear in the score.

Artifacts should disappear completely after you delete the [buggy] Score Event(s).
In the project file that you’ve uploaded, the state of the noteheads is set on AUTO.



This is how it should look: