cub8 +Win10 + UAD1

yep i know that it is still not recommend to upgrade to win10.
But hre everything works fine except with this problem:
I still use the uad1 so I had to use the 32bit plugs.
Uad driver is 64bit win10 is 64 cub8.02 is 64bit. So Uad plugs had to use the vst bridge.
No problem with win7 before.
If i create a new projekt i can load a bunch of uad plugs with no error. All works fine!
But if i save the projekt and load it again every time this error appears

“Sorry, one ore more Powered Plug-Ins have been disabled.
The plugin was unable to load.
Plugin buffer size mismatch.(err=30)”

But if i ignore the error popup most of the time all plugs work ok,… no one is disabled. :confused:
Only sometimes all plugs are disabled, but if i deactived and actived these disabled plugs all everything works ok.

This issue only appears in combi with win10 same config. under win7 64bit

any idea?
No matter if Asioguard is on or off, Buffer size is high or low.

greetings from germany

UAD-1 hasn’t been supported since 2013, and the last supported OS was Win7. You’re lucky even portions of it work with Win10. I don’t think the prognosis is good. Good luck to you.

When they first discontinued the UAD-1 cards they offered a very attractive upgrade path to UAD-2 that I took advantage of. But you had to send photos of your smashed UAD-1 cards to get the upgrade. :open_mouth:


yes i know all about the end of support. but i don´t believe that the upgrade was an attractive deal. Because if i had sell my used card it was the same and without damage the old card. I was disappointed from UAD that they not give away one single driver and plugversion for 64bit. After that they could end the support, thats ok but so they knew sooner or later every uad1 user will buy an uad2 or another product because they had invest a lot of money in software licenses.

Until now everything works alright, so no need to change a running system.

After a lot of test situation, now i am sure its a prob with the handling of the asio buffer. I tested this before, but i didn´t do it with a cold start after changing the buffer. So after a cold start the PC after changing the Asiobuffer to 512 the issue is gone. :smiley:

So it seems the Asiobuffer handling is not proper in combi with Cub8 and Win10 because this issue only occurs in this configuration. Under Win7 i used 128 buffersize.
With Win10 i am irritated that the error appears after a save an reload the project again only. No error popup during the process of creation.


Maybee nothing but could it be that the uad-1 card has a certain latency which has to be doubled at the the soundcard?

The reason I’m thinking this is that with my old creamware scope card and my focusrite liquid mixer 32 is that
I had to do this in order to have the DSP effects without distortion or artifacts.
However I do not have any experience with AUD hardware.