Cubaase 10.5.1 Its not apening 10.5 projects anymore !!!

I don’t know what is the reason :frowning: Cubase stops working when I attempt to open my 10.5 projects. More older projects are opening but no hope with my recent project that created with 10.5


Does Cubase crash? If yes, attach the *.dmp file, please.

Yes here you are thank you

Cubase 64bit 2020.2.18 (1010 KB)

I solved it, started Cubase in windows 8 compatibility mode


I wasn’t able to resolve the amp file yet. But from this I would expect some plug-in (probably using iLok) is not up to date. Or iLok driver/PACE software is not up to date.

Do you use iLok?


I checked it, the crash is in Summit Audio TLA-100A.vst3