cubace freeze when export video!

every time when i’m trying to export my project to a video, cubase freezes. (i need to exit with task manager)
Audio export is working fine.

I searched for information about that issue but i found nothing,

I have tried to upload cubace in safe-mode, and i have reset the factory preferences but it didn’t helped.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

cubace pro 10.5. win 10, pc.

Hi and welcome,

Could you use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please? Then attach the DMP file here, please.

i don’t know how to generate a DMP file via ProcDump, i tried with task manager but the file is too heavy…
i did an update to cubace 10.05.12 but there is a problem still…


If you have any DMP file from Cubase 10.5.12 (even the heavy one), share it, please. You can upload it to Dropbox (or similar service) and share the link here, please.

Here is the link, thank you very much!


Reported to Steinberg CAN-29470