Cubas 10 upgrade from 9 issue

I have purchased the upgrade from 9 to 10 for Cubase Pro. I then downloaded the full installation and update of 21.14 Gig for 10.0.30. When I uncompressed the file all that was there was “ file.sda” How do I get the installation files? This download was done well over a month ago but I have not had the time to try and sort this out.

If you extract the zip you should see a few folders and an installation file. If you did and you still only see a *.sda file it looks like your download is corrupted and you probably have to do it again? If the ‘’ is a separate file you could try to extract this and see if the necessary files are in there?

Yes, looks like it must be corrupted. Will re do the download.

Thanks for the help.