Cubas AI6 - Importing midi with out instruments assinged

I am using Cubase AI6 and Yamaha MOX6 and I am importing a midi file from a website for backing track for my band , I have connected everything correctly and everytime when I load the midi file it loads the programmed instruments in the file, when I change instruments it defaults back to what it loaded with… how can I get this to stop happening , should it be corrected thru importing or editing them out so I can put my own , any info would help …

Open List Editor, delete first program change.

Does AI have a list editor? IIRC some of the “minor” versions of Cubase doesn’t.

Same for me, I try to change midi instruments from Halion SE but each time I restart the song it goes back to original instruments…
Then In the menu I don’t see the Midi list editor. Where is it ?
I have Cubase AI 6 provided with UR22 box.
Any idea ?