Cubase 1.8 automation with audiobus synths?

Hi. Today i found a nice present in my appstore updates. Cubase 1.8 with automation. Tried it and yes, it works. Great. But, it seems that it only works with the in app parameters like the mixer, the effects and the micrologue synthesizer. But what about the apps that i use in audiobus? They are external. I tried it with my dxi fm synthesizer and recorded it while tweaking the parameters but exept from the midi note input nothing was automated there.

Is there a trick to automate those too. I like to tweak my synth parameters during recording, like changing the adsr or filtersettings so that the timbres change dynamically during the song. I could offcourse do that while recoding directly to audio, but then i can not fine tune it afterwards.

Annyway. Great stuff until now. Cubasis is finally getting complete.
The only thing i would see from here is an in app sampler and drumcomputer.

You mean you want to automate the parameters of the external app? If so the external app would have to have it’s own automation system, like Propellerhead’s Figure (first one I could think of :nerd: ).

Hello Marcotm,

As written in the In-App help:
The Inter-App Audio and Audiobus protocols don’t support automation. However, you can control some of the parameters of your IAA/Audiobus apps using MIDI CC’s provided that the apps you are using support MIDI CC messages.
Please make sure to refer to the In-App help of Cubasis (a simple tap on the help button top right will open it) that includes all relevant information about automation, MIDI CC and other features of Cubasis.

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