Cubase 10.0.10 Update - Still crashes all 9.5 projects

Cubase 10.0.10 maintenance Update Still cannot load my 9.5 sessions

Crashes when I open Altiverb 7. Unfortunately, Altiverb is on 90% of my sessions. Thanks for making it cheaper and easier for me to stay with my new DAW of choice, Reaper. The more you mess up Cubase, the lesser are the chances I’ll ever come back to it. I guess we’ll see if you learn from your mistakes in 10.5 but let’s just say my hopes are not very high from what I’ve seen in the last few upgrades from Cubase.

It seems you care more about making money than fixing bugs and making a good stable DAW.

Hi François, I have Altiverb running here without problems in Cubase 10.0.10. Maybe some other plugin?

Lucky you. I’ve abandoned for now. I’ve got a few project running in Reaper and appart from Variaudio, I don’t miss Cubase for now. I’ve got melodyne working in ARA with the latest dev pre-release version of Reaper and I think I just need to get to know it better. Melodyne is heavier on CPU though but Reaper is so light that it kind of evens it out. I’ve also found a very nice lua script called Reaticulate to replace Expression maps.

I did install the maintenance update quickly to see if it would have been solved but I had some weird crashes with Cubase 10 appart from Altiverb so I’ll wait for the next maintenance update and see. I might even wait for 10.5 or 11. If Steinberg keeps it up, they’re just around the corner after all. We’ll see if they listen or not to all the complaints I’ve been reading.

I kind of want to put a stop to systematic strategically planned bi-annual paying upgrades that are not even ready just to fill up the Steinberg bank accounts. Cubase 10 was seriously not ready and too many issues are still not addressed from a few version ago. They brought us a few nice features that mostly come from Nuendo and still they could not manage to make a decent stable upgrade. I simply cannot justify paying 150$ for it. I was still running on the 24 hour trial that I realized is actually 24 working hours. I didn’t even have to use the 30 days trial.

I want to add something here:
I was working just fine with C10(even before the update), really no problems and I have a lot of plugins.

But a few days ago I wnet from W7 to an upgrade of W10.
Now I cannot open ANY older project made with C9.5.41.
In C9(which I kept installed) everything stikll works great, but not in C10 anymore.

SO I would not blame C10 entirely, but it must be the combination of W10+C10
What could be wrong here…?

I’m back to 9.5 as well. Still waiting for an update to fix this.

The way windows handles static and dynamically linked software libraries, particularly C runtimes, is pretty complex and every now and again a conflict occurs. As a windows software programmer it can be a real pain to debug, especially when you are using third-party software libraries along side your main application which are compiled with a different version - the exact situation you get with VST plugins and cubase. The upside is its amazing how much old software will work on a new setup without having to be re-built.

It’s this particular phenomenon that is often cured by the “reinstall everything from scratch” scenario - which in your case I would highly recommend after completing a full back up (you do have a back up right?). Now you have win 10 on the machine and activated it should just install from scratch without the earlier win 7 being required. IT may ask for a product key if you do this but as I recall you can skip that and activate later which it will do once it connects to the internet and discovers your digital license (you can check you have a digital license by looking in the Setting Activate, it should say so).

Best thing is to go back to 9.5. Cubase 10 is not ready is like a beta. I have both and cubase 10 is not stable, the mediabay is really slow when you have a lot of plugins, and they remove the right click, wait until this issues are fix or wait for cubase 10.5, another 60 bucks for the fix.

I dont think i´m gona put more money into this when 10 still feels like a beta.

…but which version 9.5? There were several of them.

I decided not to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to windows 10 on my music computer and everything is working fine with Cubase 10.0.10.

I certainly would not do a windows 10 over-install on my music machine after the frazz up it made of my laptop - where I had to then install from scratch and re-install all of my software. Especially given that my music set up is a lot more complicated. I will wait until I buy a new music computer.

Similar issues with me, Cubase 10 has been a nightmare…

I still had my W7 SSD drive to work with and at the same time a new SSD-clone drive for upgrading to W10 as an experiment.
Now I am back with C10+W10 working just fine now after a lot of tweaks and experiments.
The upgrade to Windows 10(PRO) from Home W7 did turn out very well unexpected, I even have a lot more space left on my C-drive. It cleaned up a lot of W7 apparently. Also my FireWire-Hardware works troublefree.

The main problem with C10 under Windows10 was to not be able to open older projects(In C9.5 no problem, so I kept this version installede offcourse), which turned out to be a couple of plugins(which ones are mentioned enough on the forum already).
Newly made Projects were fine untill those plugins were loaded, then a Cubase crash took place.
I came across the tip to insert the Soundtoys Microshift plugin in as a Controlroom insert. I did this, disabled the plugin and now Cubase starts up everytime with that plugin as an inserts so it only has to be done once.
Now every “trouble-plugin” loads just fine and works as it should, no problems at all. And no need for J-Bridge anymore which I also tried( I had this already for some older vst-iinstruments)

So now I am a happy C10/W10 user ready for the future.
And offcourse I already made a new systemcopy of that C-drive :slight_smile: