Cubase 10.0.20 Color Tool

Hi! I have a problem with the Color tool. Where is the Color Set tab? I can’t find it. The old button is not here now. I don’t find the new cog wheel icon. Do Ctrl + click don’t work neither. Can be a new bug?


The previous Set up Colors… button in the Colorize pop-up has been moved to menu
Project > Project Colors Setup


OMG, yes! Thanks! lol

10.0.20 you got me all fired up thinking the update had been released. :frowning:

I’m liking the expanded color palette.

It has been. Check the download manager. I have it installed.

Thanks no notifications anywhere.

Now you can have words to describe colors if you check the box.

great solution to have both options - impressed! cool update!

My two cents…

ok, but…
Why another menu color for setup ? Would not it be simpler to put all the color settings in ONE place ? i.e. main tab for choosing color and onother tabs for additional setting ? now we cant access the color settings from color tool, why ? buttons for increasing and decreasing brightness, intensity are gone now for good ?

Do not get me wrong, but IMHO this is another implementation of the basic and simple function that is in complete opposition to a good workflow.
What about selecting a color(s) in the color palette base on the current color track(s) or event(s) (see in PT)??

Cubase is such a good DAW with such a bad implemented basic functions and too complicated IMO.

Great feature: list with colours and names. Only too bad that scrolling is not provided. 159 colours shown of the 175 that are in my collection. (Before anybody asks: no, I do not use them all :slight_smile:, but still, I would like to see them all).

I would love to see pictures of the new Color Tool, incl. display of a large number of colors and the use of names, if anyone can spare a moment to post some. Thanks!

After I reduced the screen size to 115% it fits.
A bit harder to read but no longer an issue.

Does anyone know if it’s possible with the new color tool to be able to have different color presets for Tracks and Events and switch between them?

What I’d like to be able to do is have specific colors for Tracks and Events when you are viewing them in folders for library management, but then be able to switch colors for those tracks when I’m working with multiple midi events in the same String Section.

So for example you have a green color assigned to all Strings, but when editing Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass you want them to have different colors so editing them together is easier to view.

Not sure if this is possible.

Now the color setup shows presets of 32 x 4 colors.
but, how to get access to these preset colors for use on tracks/events? can anybody explain?

So now to make color setup we have to go Project > Project Colors Setup…
What was wrong with prevoius simple solution ??

What about this workflow,
sometimes it’s hard to distinguish colors on clips or tracks, especially when there are a lot of them and they are similar in color
we are not quite sure what color this clip is, when you select this clip then the color tool marks the right color in the palette, it’s also works for multiple selection (see in attached picture form PT)

Could you please elaborate or maybe I don’t understand.

I’m seeing room for 186 here?

I would assume you can add as many as you wish without any scrolling unless you add several hundred…

the older configuration was better then this.

The older feature was much better than the new. I don’t understand the change as with the color tool now you can do less things.

For instance, now I have to color the tracks ONE BY ONE and the option isn’t even in the color tool itself!! (which is so counterintuitive…)

In cubase 9.5 I colorized all the tracks in one (two clicks). Now I need at least 3 clicks PER TRACK (select the track, select the color, unselect the track).

Why did you change this feature in the first place? It should’ve been left alone as it worked well.