Cubase 10.0.20 graphic freeze totally

Hello crew,

So here is my config: 17 7820x 16gb ram, nvidia gtx 950, windows 7 ultimate sp1, everything up to date, and optimized for audio

first i couldnt have steinberg support request, as i registered my cubase when living in cambodia, but i am french and back to france, is there a way to have french support changed in “my steinberg” instead of being redirected to international distributors who would have not a clue about this technical problem ?

Anyway back to theproblem which occurs when zooming a track, becoming extremely slow (6-10 seconde of reaction) and worst to all after some testing i could reproduce everytime the bug:

Opening an empty project , creat an instrument track with any vsti (even a cubase one), good zoom on the track (like seeing only 8 bars on a 2k screen)

double click on the midi part of instrument track to be able to draw some note on the normally new opened editor windows= freeze, THE EDITOR WINDOW DONT EVEN OPEN.

in task manager cubase is reported as “non responding”… but on my 16 thread, the 3rd one is full up to 100% without going down until i end process, with a crash report labelled as “apphangb1”

This bug eve i think correleted to zoom hyperlag, happen without any zoom in in fact, is not related to soundcard driver as it happen without any one, bug also ahppen with a simple middi track , but not with an empty audio track (even the serious zoom lag happen if it contains data)

please help me


here is some screen shots


update : defintely not happening in cubase 9.5… grrr, anybody at least can help to reach steinberg by email? no option available in my steinberg :frowning:


wow seriously nobody for help?

can somebody give me at least the steinberg support email…

thank you