CUBASE 10.0.20 remained issues

Hello all, I just updated C10 to the latest release 10.0.20, all worked perfectly to me and a lot of problems are gone, thanks Steinberg!
I would like to list what in my experience is remained to correct, little things but every littlest thing can do the difference in a daily working flow:

  • on the infoline in the project window, if I left click on the Transpose parameter the pitch correctly decreases by one halftone, if I right click the pitch increases by one halftone, this is the normal functionality of left-right click on parameters. But if I left click on the Volume parameter it decreases by one dB, if I right click a menu appears instead to increase the parameter

  • in some lists that exceed the window, the scrolling bar at the right is not correctly shown, but if I click there the bar appears. This is confusing because one doesn’t know if the list is finished or not without the righthand scrolling bar. This happens to me for example in the plugins list, or instruments list

  • this is very annoying to me, because I work a lot with midi : in a situation of multiple midi edit in the key editor, in case of an overlapped equal note from two different parts, using the scissors both the notes are cutted, I found no way to cut only the note in front. This is different from the previous versions of cubase (I had previously c8.5 but this comes from far) where in case of two equal notes using the scissors one can cut only the front note, or if one used the selection tool to select them (the notes become black) the scissors used then to cut both the notes. So, in the past one can choose to cut both notes or not, now it is impossible, forcing me to cut, then to bring in front the back note and to glue again the one I dont wanted to cut…incredibly annoying

  • I’m using C10 from when it was released, I still continue to find ABSURD the right click popup toolbox in one single row, this is really annoying and a time-waste decision from steinberg, it seems a decision taken by a person who never used that tool, please bring back the two lines toolbox !!!

anyway thanks steinberg, cubase10 is an amazing piece of software :slight_smile:

CP10.0.15 introduced a problem where exporting a mix no longer works for me on any project connected to a VE6 slave computer. Rendering fails as well on tracks originating from VE6. This was not cleared up in CP10.0.20.

When I try to do either, Cubase hangs and I have to kill the application.