Cubase 10.0.30 Issue


I just updated to 10.0.30 and this is the message (see attached)
Screenshot 2019-06-27 14.56.38.png
that the system gives me. Can someone tell me what is happening and what if anything i need to do to address it.


Sure. No big deal, your project was using this sound file and it lost it. Hit the Locate button and find it for Cubase. Typically, say if you had a few sound files open that all became lost, then finding one will redirect Cubase to the others. IF not, then locate them. Do you have your Steinberg Library installed on your Desktop? You probably should do this. When the Library has the path - and be advised you can put them on any hard drive (don’t use C drive) - and ALL in one folder - you’re pretty well set.