I bought cubase 10 almost a year ago and never can use it

Crashes with no reason. No dump file created.

Im still using my old cubase 6.5 because it works. Can record 18 channels simultaneously whitout a problem in this pc.

I have windows 10, a scarlet 18i 20 whit a octopre extention.

I had wait for the updates, and nothing solves the problem.

I had bought a new usb licenser, and nothing.

I felt that i had lost my money.
¿Any suggestions?

In the link you will see how only works for 1 minute and 30 seconds


Please double check Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder. Can you see any *.dmp file there from the last days? If yes, attach some of them here, please. If not, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a crash dump file and attach it here, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your answer.

Just till now i have time to do this. I still using my cubase 6.5.

There is only one old dump file in the folder. Its attached. I had updated cubase 10 to the 10.0.5 version.

I used the procdump utility to generate the file, but is too big.
the mini dump file is 32 megas and 2.3 megas compressed
The full dump file is 1.8 gigas… so i send you the link in dropbox for you to download. If you want i cand sendit to you via we transfer.

thanks for your help
Cubase 64bit 2019.1.30 16.32.dmp (308 KB)


Please update to the latest Cubase 10.0.50.

Hi Martin,

I had already uptadte to versión 10.0.50 but the dmp file is too big. thats the one that is on the dropbox link.


Unfortunately I don’t see anything specific here. But I reported it to Steinberg CAN-26951.



I downloaded cubase 10.5 an still have the same issue.

Attached is the dump flie. ¿can you see something here?

10.5.rar (1.15 MB)


The dmp file doesn’t point to anything really specific. But these type of crashes are very often related to a graphics issue. What graphics card do you use, please? Make sure your driver is up to date, please. Or try to use generic Microsoft driver instead of your dedicated graphic card driver, please.

Hi Martin,

I have the same problem (HP Notebook, Ryzen7/Radeon VEGA10 Graphic, SSD, Win10 64bit ver. 1909, Cubase Artist 10.5.10):
How can it be that Cubase always crashes randomly without a dump when an AMD graphics driver is installed (different drivers were tested and of couse the up-to-date driver from AMD)? Only when the “Microsoft Basic Graphic Adapter” is installed, there seem to be no problems. But that cannot be the solution, because e.g. no external monitor (HDMI) can be operated.
As you (Steinberg) know, Cubase does not creat a crash dump. Windows records an error based on “ucrtbase.dll” (System32) and Cubase10.5.exe. Is there hope that Steinberg will deliver a fix / patch here? After all, there seem to be several users who have the same problem (whether AMD graphics or NVIDIA).
In fact, Cubase is not usable !!!
Thanks a lot!

Hi ChrisRX,

Do you have the latest Cubase 10.5.10 installed, please? There should be fix in this area.

Hi Martin,

yes, I have installed 10.5.10. But the “Crash-Bug” still exists. Will there be any solution (soon)?


Could you use Microsoft ProcDump to generate a dmp file, please?


I think “ProcDump” is too complicated for me. But a “CrashLog” from Windows is atached. Is it helpfull?
By the way, with the “Microsoft Basic Graphic Adapter” it is ok. So it muss be a problem (incompatibility) with Cubase (“new graphic engine”) and the AMD-Graphic driver (and NVIDIA driver), right?


Sorry, I would need proper dmp file to be able to resolve it.

look i had updated the frimware of my display, and works better.

Attached you will find the dump file that now generates cubase. I think is something whit groove agent 5se.
CrashDumps.rar (1.33 MB)

Keeping crashing. Can find the reason. At least not so often. attached is the new dump file.

I have desktop thinkcentre, windows 10 focusrite scarlet 18i 20 whit octopre expansion. all updated. Cubase artist 10.5.10 No extra plug ins AMD Radeon R7 graphics updated. But keeping crashing…

@chrisRX when i updated the firmare of the display, Cubase start to generate the dump files.

Before just crahes. So for almost a year i keep using my old cubase 6.5. Is 100% stable.

Hi demonroots,

try the older AMD driver “Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-19.7.1-July7”. But I dont know yet, if it will solve the problem. Its a tip in the german forum

I think it should be the best to deinstall your current AMD graphic driver first . As the next step you can install the “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” and than upgrade to the “Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-19.7.1-July7” (clean install).

I hope it will help!


The crash is definitely in the graphic area. I would also recommend to experiment with the graphics card driver. Maybe even to use the native Microsoft driver instead of the dedicated vendor driver.

Hi chrisRX and Martin. I wil try the changes that you suggest me and let you know. since the update of the driver of the display i had only one crash.