cubase 10.0.5 pro freeze


i used to drag and drop the vst instruments from “right zone” “Media” tab “vst instruments” “any vst i like” to my tracks to create a new track with that vst

suddenly the “VST Instruments” button inside the “media” tab freeze the whole cubase when i click on it

all other buttons works fine inside “media” tab only the “vst instruments” freeze cubase

i still can create instrument track from add track in the middle zone or by press t

the program freeze or hang when i try to hit “vst instruments” inside “Media” tab


Ho and welcome,

First of all, try to install the latest update Cubase 10.0.60, please.

If it’s still freezing, could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

thanks for answer

i’ve tried the update to 10.0.6 … the problem didn’t end
i’ve tried the safe mode before and after the update … the problem didn’t end

i use win 10



Could you try to generate a DMP file of the freeze by using Microsoft ProcDump utility, please?

i’m not familiar with that dump
if i did it right this the steps i’ve done
1- open Cubase
2- open Command Prompt
3- click the vst button that hang cubase
4- excute procdump64.exe cubase 10

the dump file is in the following link


Sorry for my delay.

I’m sorry, there is no Cubase (nor any plug-in) mentioned in the stack_text at all:



thanks for your effort