Cubase 10.0.60 lagging and slow response in Mac OS Big Sur

I’m having issue with cubase after I’ve update my Mac OS recently. Cubase response is slow and it lagging when I’m trying to to work on sessions and do some recordings. and it crush few times. Is it because of Mac OS latest update is not compatible with Cubase? would appreciate if someone can assist me with this.

I don’t think any of the older versions of Cubase 10.5 and older are supported on Big Sur :

With DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software it’s generally advisable to wait a while with operating system upgrades until it’s supported by the software in question. And older versions of DAWs (or other software) may never get support for the very latest operating systems.

It’s one of the unfortunate complexities one has to get used to when running high end audio software. :frowning_face:

Agreed. I believe that is the issue we facing at the moment. Since I’m new in MAC world, This is first time I’m facing this issue and having big upgrade for OS.

I should have checked for compatibility before I update but it’s too late now since I’ve already update my OS.

I’m trying to find best solution for this issue and at the moment the only solution I can find is to upgrade Cubase pro 10 to Cubase pro 11. That is the only solution I can find. But it comes with cost though, Looking at the circumstances I’m new for OS and not aware this might be an issue. It can be an issue for most people like me.

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Amazing that Cubase 10 is no more supported ?? It’s not that old version, and upgrades to newer versions are much too expensive compared to the time intervals between those versions…
I just bought a new mac with big sur and cubase 10 doesn’t work !
Groove agent SE 5 also isn’t working (graphic issues)

I dont think there’s any updates available from steinberg to fix these issues yet… myself have upgraded to 11 and grove agent not working as expected as well…

I found a way around:

  1. Close Cubase
  2. Find the “Package” under programs-folder
  3. Right click and click Get Info
  4. Click “Open in Low Resolution”

I believe it is a graphical issue occurring on 5k displays, such as an iMac or whatever else. The same thing happened for me in MakeMusic Finale.

Bingo :musical_keyboard::smiley:

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Non-HD on retina displays is annoying, but it is much better than working with latency. This worked for me, thank you very much @gjermund1 :clap:

Oh yes, that awful lag is resolved by low rez. If I upgrade to 11 will it fix it as well? I have a 38 inch monitor and this makes me feel near sighted.

If you bought a new Mac with Big Sir was it an M1 Mac? I think that is all that comes with Big Sir. I have a new Intel Macbook Pro on order and it comes with macOS Catalina. I am doing this because I know Cubase and Apogee support Catalina on Intel Macs.


I’m glad it’s not just me. Was beginning to think there was something wrong with my Mac. I bought the i9 iMac and really spec’d it out; built to order. But on Big Sur I get stutter animations. If I slowly move my mouse around the cursor is jittery. Almost like it’s a bluetooth error but I know it’s not. Watching videos and some of them will stutter too. Scrolling stutters. I have to shutdown my computer and restart to clear it up TVTAPPROAPK.

And my Apple Wireless Keyboard is not wireless anymore. I have it plugged directly in with a lightning cable because trying to type on it wirelessly would lag and mess up.

This is pretty ridiculous. I hope macOS 12 fixes this…
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