Cubase 10 (10.0.30) Resetting

Hi, Hoping that someone has a solution for this, or that support picks it up… it’s a really annoying problem

When I start Cubase, all of my past documents disappear from the hub (like a fresh install)…
In the app, all of my window settings (feature placement) are being lost, including my presets.
The audio setup configuration is resetting (for example 64bit precision audio to 32bit after the reset problem)
My configured midi control devices are disappearing.

This happens maybe once every two times I open Cubase… I have to keep on tweaking everything… until it resets again

Is there a cure? Is this a known fault? Or is this something particular to my machine only?
It’s not happened with any other previous version since SX… :wink:

Cheers for any assistance that is out there!


It sounds like permission issue.

I would recommend to reinstall Cubase. Make sure:

  • You install from the Full Installer.
  • You unpack the ZIP file.
  • You install from the unpacked folder.
  • You install as adminsitrator.
  • You install to the system C drive.

My Cubase Pro 10 just reinitialized also. I thought it had just started running correctly after updating all the VST plugins and the license managers, ILock and ELicenser. Things were finally working great, then after only a week of smooth operation, everything was gone. Cubase couldn’t find the VST Library (I selected to Ignore) and then came up like a brand new install and asked for a registration. This type of issue tends to perseverate and I would rather not keep resetting everything like Rob above. Is a complete install from scratch the only fix? Would it help to reactive Cubase? Any tips are very welcome! Thx.


Reactivate of Cubase wouldn’t help (you can’t even do it with a USB-eLicenser).

In any case, I would recommend to make a Profile once you rebuilt your preferences. That’s a preferences backup, so you can import it later on.

When this happens, it means the folder with the preferences became corrupted. That could be a permission issue. Or other application (or system) could delete/overwrite the folder (Windows update? or a virus?). Or Cubase failed while quit (maybe a silent crash?) when Cubase is writing the preferences data to the folder.

Thanks for the profile tip! I’ll make one ASAP.