Cubase 10.30 Pro crash

My Cubase Pro sometimes hangs when I add GA 5. The system is Win 10 pro 1903, clean installation with all updates.
Attached are “CrashDumps”.
CrashDumps.7z (883 KB)

Hi and welcome,

All crashes look exactly the same CAN-24323.

Could you try to (back up and) delete Cubase preferences, folder to start with factory settings, please?

Could you also try to reinstall Cubase? Make sure you

  • Install from the Full Installer.
  • Unpack the ZIP file.
  • Install from the unpacked folder.
  • Install as an administrator.

This is a fresh installation of Windows and Cubase on a new laptop. All settings are default.


Did you install Cubase the way I described, please?

Reinstalling Cubase did not help.

Hangs up with “GROOVE AGENT 5”
CrashDumps.7z (480 KB)


Does it hang (if yes, how do you make the *.dmp file) or does it crash?

It crash.


Thank you for the confirmation. I already reported to Steinberg.


Unfortunately from the crash dump files it’s not really clear when does the crash happen. Do you have a clear reproduction of the bug? When does it crash for 100%? Could you make a vide screen capture of it, please?