Cubase 10.5.10 lagging issue | logioverlay.exe might be cuasing it

Hi! I have a strange issue with Cubase that might be caused by logioverlay.exe. Sometimes while working on a project the program starts lagging A LOT, but only when the program is on the foreground. If another window is on the foreground, say the browser for example or Windows Explorer, Task Manager or whatever the program is not lagging (I noticed that from the movement of the meters which is normal when Cubase is on the background, but extremely laggy the moment it is on the foreground). If I close the program and restart the system, I always, always get the following error message (screenshot attached). It must have something to do with it, right? I am not sure what logioverlay.exe does - maybe related to the mouse (MX Master 3)?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
Screenshot (13).jpg