Cubase 10.5.12 - Crashes on load when scanning plugins without a crash log


After having problems with both 10.5.10 and 10.5.11 and going back to 10, I updated recently to the lastest update 10.5.12.
After updating and running the new version for the first time, the software was scanning my plugins. It finished that process and then showed me a list of “blacklisted” plugins (all are loading perfectly fine in version 10) and then I click re-activate on the first plugin in that blacklisted list. As soon as I press re-activate, the software crashed. Then after this, every-time I go and try to open 10.5.12, the sofrware crashes right at the start when it scans for plugins, and doesn’t even generate a crash log so I could see which plugin or what it the cause for this.
Like I mentioned, version Pro 10.0.5 works perfectly fine, and so I’m back to that version as that is the last actually stable version that you can work with from Steinberg.
It’s quite dissappointing that I paid for the upgrade from 10 to 10.5 all the way back in November when it was released, and that we’re almost in March 2020 and I still didn’t use the new software for it’s lack of stability.

I can only hope Steinberg get it together and gives us a proper update that fixes all the issues so I could carry on with my work.


Tim, Put your specs in your signature so people can help you there.



I just wanted to reply that I also am having the exact same problem as rom2itss.
I installed 10.5.12 from 10.5.10 and then it blacklisted some VSTs that were not previously blacklisted.
Then when I opened the VST Plugin Manager to reactivate them, Cubase crashed immediately and subsequently will not load again.
Anytime I try to open Cubase 10.5.12 it crashes on startup. However, funny enough 10.0.50 stills loads perfectly.

Therefore, for the time being I simply deleted 10.5.12 and reinstalled 10.5.0 and then updated to 10.5.5, which is stable for me.
I hope this can be fixed again. It seems these “hot fixes” are not quite working for everyone equally.

2019 iMac 8core 3.6 intel i9, Mohave 10.14.6, 64GB DDR4

Hi all,

Have you checked in the “Console” if there is a crashlog?

  1. In macOS, start the “Console” app
  2. Left side, navigate to “User Reports” (macOS Mojave 10.14) / “Crash Reports” (macOS Catalina 10.15)
  3. Look for reports created by either “vstscanner” or “vst2xscanner”
  4. Check the date, its only interesting to check for these entries within February, resp. this week
  5. Right click on one of them, select “Reveal in Finder”
  6. Then grab the relevant log files (according to date, etc.) and sent them as an attachment to info (at) Steinberg (dot) de with BLACKLIST in the subject line.


I had this problem after installing the 10.5.12 hot fix.
It timed out on scanning my Sonnox Reverb plugin, and then when I opened Cubase 10.5, my Sonnox plugins were on the black list.
I checked the versions of the plugins. They were VST 2.15 or something.

It’s confusing because Cubase 10 no longer supports VST2, yet there are various VST2.## plugins out there that run fine. But with this latest version of Cubase 10.5, it identifies and black lists some VST2.## plugins which were not black listed before.
I removed my Sonnox plugins from the black list, and got a warning that doing so might cause unstable behavior. IOW crashes.
I was able to open Cubase 10.5 and instantiate these plugins without crashes.

But I recommend doing the following: The next day I went on Sonnox’s site and downloaded the latest installers for their plugins. They had gone to a later version since I installed them on my computer in 2016. The latest version has VST3 versions of the plugins. In the install wizard, I unchecked the boxes for 32 bit versions and VST2 versions, and installed only VST3, 64 bit versions. I’m having no issues now.

If Cubase 10.5.12 is crashing or has given you a warning message that some plugins on your system will cause it to become unstable, download the very latest version of your plugins, 64 bit and VST3 versions if they are available.

Note that not all 3rd party plugin developers have VST3 versions available yet. When I updated to Cubase 10.0 I could not find some of my Eventide plugins in my list and thought I was no longer able to use them because the latest available version was VST2.34 or something. It turned out that they were in a different VST Plugins folder were Cubase 10 did not see them and I just had to move them to a new folder. They run just fine.
But download the latest version of your plugins and see if that helps.

Hey Guys,

this is a known issue, at least to me and some others.
I’ve spoken to Steinberg about it and they asked me to provide Crashlogs which i couldn’t as my Console wouldn’t create any.
However there is somewhat of a temporary fix for this problem:

  1. Disabling SIP on MACOS => this has worked for many on Mojave and Catalina. After disabling SIP i could easily reactivate any blacklisted Plugin without a glitch.

  2. This has helped me get most blacklisted and blocked Plugins to work on my new, yet to finish 16" Macbook.

  3. If Catalina gives you the “Programm is damaged and can’t be opened” Warning for some plugins, try this:
    => let google translate the german page, or just use the Terminal: “sudo spctl --master-disable”

I’m pretty sure this is going to fix the main Problem, but keep in mind that this should only be a temporary fix, as it decreases the overall security of your macos installation. So all we have to do is provide crashlogs and pray to the Dev Gods (Steinberg and Plugin Vendors) to save us in future updates.


Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the details on how to access the crash logs. I have now sent like you requested to Steinberg’s email the logs.
I hope this will help to track what’s the issue.


Of course Cubase supports VST2.
It doesn’t support 32 bit plugins anymore.

I have exactly the same problem! It blacklisted NI Battery 4 and XLN Audio plugins. I activated it with disabling SIP method but when I reenable SIP and click on a plugin Cubase just close without any crash report.

Steinberg please fix it. I never update software in the middle of the project to the higher version for compatibility reasons but, when it’s a hotfix I assume, that it’s just a fix and not show stopper for my plugins.

LG, Miha

Im running XLN AD and AD keys here with no issues


I have latest updates of all crashing plugins and no luck :frowning:

But will keep trying with tweaking…

LG, Miha

Can somebody tell me how to obtain 10.5 copy please
What I can download from the website is 10.5.12
I want to roll back to 10.5 which is stable for me

When I use the 10.5 on the third row their it updates to 10.5.12 Not 10.5.0

Strange, just tested, I get (Mac)

I am having a similar problem. Before 10.5.12 it crashed and generated a report to send to Apple. Now with 10.5.12 it crashes and there is no report to Apple or even Console logs as advised to look for above. It only works if I force it to rescan all the plugins by deleting the file Vst2xPlugin Infos Cubase.xml.

I am sorry but I found the logs.

Lucky you bigsoundsgood .I will try it again. So far no help from Steinburg on this for my email

I’m experiencing the same problem, updated all that is necessary and 10.5.12 won’t get passed the ara services bit on startup, it just closes down, other earlier versions of Cubase seem to be OK. Funny as 10.5.12 opened fine and seemed to work on High Sierra OK only issue I had was the blacked out gui’s on some plugins so updated, as advised, to Catalina.

I don’t know who’s problem this is but it’s a bit of a pain when you pay for something and it doesn’t do what is says on the tin.
I can’t seem to find any reply from Steinberg acknowledging this problem yet it seems quite a common one.

My system is a late mac pro, now with OS Catalina, fully stuffed running two UAD Apollo 8P interfaces and DSP Satellites, various VST Instruments and plugins all updated to latest specs.

Simple set up, late model Mac Desk Pro, running Catalina 100.15.3 , Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, Cubase 10.5 crashes on start up, can’t seem to get around it