Cubase 10.5.12 - Exporting Issue

Hi Guys,

The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to solve an exporting-issue within Cubase. When I am exporting, it is resulting in an inaccurate export. Saying, shorter samples or placing the first bit of a sample on the end. For an example, I tried to export the sub-bass of a kickdrum in Cubase with the following result:

Untill now I have tried the following steps, unfortunatly with no result:

  • Different audio interface, the problem is still there.
  • Update Cubase
  • Switching Tempo track on and off.
  • Set diferent Buffer sizes
  • Rate check (44.1kHZ)

Also here with a picture of the render-settings:

Please let me know your thoughts and I appreciate your help!

Hi and welcome,

What file type is the source, please? Is it WAV, FLAC or something different?