Cubase 10.5.20 and Acustica Plugin's

Is anyone else having issues with Cubase hanging with AA plugin’s in the insert rack ?
If you close the project you have to use the task manager to close the project or render to audio and remove them from the rack before closing .

They don’t cause 10.5.20 to hang on my system, but they are the most resource-intensive plugins by far! And that’s a shame because they generally sound very good. FYI, I’m using the free ones as well as Coral 2.

Ummm ,strange , the free ones seem to be fine but i purchased aquamarina in the sale and it’s a nightmare , the Vst3 is very unstable on my system . everythings being installed on an SSD C drive but it completely locks up


What graphics card do you use, please?

Have you tried the “ZL” (zero latency) version of Aquamarine? It’s ‘lighter’ than the “Standard” version.

Also, you may want to try an older/earlier version of the plugin (the current version is Core 16). You can do this via the Aquarius downloader. I remember seeing a warning in Aquarius that – for some plugins – Core 16 was “experimental” (and thus should only be installed if you like to live dangerously). :wink:

Good luck…

I have the Aquamarina 3 which seems ok , and the latest free version of Tan seems ok . I’ll experiment a bit more in a while , they seem to be a bit hit and miss , on their FB group there seems to be people complaining about locking up on exit , ive only bought one plugin so far which will be used in Wavelab instead of Cubase and im holding off until this issue gets resolved


They make Cubase hang on exit here too. As do some other high latency plugins. It doesnt affect anything and I’ve never lost anything because of it, so used to it now that closing Cubase from Task Manager is standard practice.