Cubase 10.5.20 Maintenance Update

**Well according to what I see a lot here they are upset
Steinberg maybe these ideas will help u

you should think outside the ordinary and bring about needs from the future and new ideas that are not found by the competitors. I am talking about a complete idea… (Modern Daw)

1-Steinberg new Modern ID
Restructuring some things
2- rearranging the team of programmers and developers, or using new youth they have creative , they will work with the old team,
Solve the main problems facing users them constantly
such as : Reducing the burden on a computer processor CPU
and other
3-Redesigning and coordinating some old and inconsistent program interfaces, and preparing the program to support the multi touch … piano that uses touch on screen to play and record without external devices
This will encourage customers more and encourage amateurs to purchase an integrated program…
4-Full support for video editing
5-Support for 4k screens and higher 5k , 8k
6-More support for Live mode, as you know, in the past the plugins was external devices, and now we use only software plugins VST inside the program so what prevents the Cubase from being a mixer used for mixing in live

External hardware
Implementing similar plans for the Universal Audio, Waves SoundGrid and AudioGridder
It is an audio interface or a server or DSP that is exclusive work only with Steinberg softwares that allows the user to download additional plugins (REAL TIME) on this server and supports live mode with low latency ,fast export and is used for direct parties or the studio in other words that allows the user to run hundreds of plugins Low Latency real time
(VST, VSTi) (attachment)

Marketing plan
You also saw that the Cubase market is declining and I am afraid it will reach much lower levels
YouTube creators are contracted to create lessons and comparisons of new strengths and performance with competitors
As we can see, there are only about two people who make these videos, Chris and Dom
As for the rest of the channels, either Protoools, Studio One, either Reaper or Logic is rare
For example when searching, “how to mix like pro”
Must to be a dozens of videos explaining and using Cubase program while filming
like Waves marketing

Finally, a complete cancellation of the USB dongle, because it has many problems and needs a complete another topic to talk about it in its a very old and boring method…
in my country if I lose this dongle, I would have to wait three weeks to get a new one and I know that I will suffer from problems and suffering during the license again …

This was my imagination and future of Modern DAW
Perfect compatibility between external Hardware and software, adoption of touch tools, and use of the program as a Live mixer**

Too many daily crashes with 10.5.20. Many!! Steinberg?

Has anyone had any issues doing an uninstall of 10.5.20 release?

I ended up doing a complete system restore back to May 31st Time Machine backup as that was the only way I could get my computer to run again. Something on the uninstall and reinstall of 10.5.0 didn’t work. I would try it again but if it didn’t work I would have do a system restore and that takes hours.

I have a similar question re: uninstall / rollback

Using Win10 here.

What is the correct (tested) set of actions that the user should do in order to rollback to or re-install the prior version?

Wow, I am glad I’m on W10 instead of Mac, at least concerning systemrestore. Never knew it took so long on a Mac.
My W10 C-drive “systemcopy” (about 125Gb in total, all my programsoftware, and they are plenty) will be put back on the SSD in about 15-20 minutes!
And to make a systemcopy of the C-drive(SSD) will take about 20-30 minutes, done.
So I would advise everyone with a Windows PC, make a weekly systemcopy. Or at least before any update of Cubase, Windows and such, that’s what I do and it’s so easy to do on Windows (since W7).
So I would not roll back a Cubase update, I just restore my C drive completely if there is any trouble or disliking.

I think it’s fair to say 10.5 has been a complete disaster for many, so far. :roll_eyes:


When I used a PC I had Norton Ghost and that was pretty good. The built in software on a mac is Time Machine and that is what I had a good backup in. I have another backup program that is much better as it takes an exact copy of the drive but I didn’t backup before I installed 10.5.20 with that software. I’m back running great now and just going to keep on 10.5.0 for a while.

Hi all,

If you experience any issues with Cubase 10.5.20 please create a post in the ISSUES forum or check if there is already an entry for your issue. In order to address your reports we need more details to reproduce the issues on our systems.

I totally understand that it can be frustrating if other people report that everything is running perfect on their system and Cubase is not performing well on your own. Please help us to pin down the issues and be constructive. If your system crashes, we would like to investigate the crash reports. If there are dysfunctional features that worked before, please let us know and describe the exact behaviour on your system.

But please post it in the ISSUES forum and check if others have reported the same problem.


This is great, Thanks for the update.

Remain blessed