Cubase 10.5.20 Sends MIDI When Project Opens

I just noticed that Cubase 10.5.20 sends MIDI to my synthesizer (Yamaha Montage, 3.5 firmware) when a project is opened. This includes SysEx messages, and cc7 messages.

It even happens with a new, empty project.

Why does this happen? How can I get it to stop?


Does it send it continuously or when you trigger any action (start/stop playback, or something else)? Do you use MIDI Device for Montage or do you use the plug-in?

you may have a look in the Sync Settings under Transport->Destinations.
There you can select if Cubase sends Midi-Clock continuously - even when playback is stopped.

Just a thought.

I have an iMac with High Sierra 10.13.3…Im completely new and can’t get started…someone suggested I check my routing…never had to do this…have worked only with Garageband for 1 month… I get a percussion track recorded from midi sounds but can’t get it to monitor to record the piano… what am I not doing?

This happens as the project opens. I was able to capture the MIDI messages using the recorder on the Montage.

I have attached a zip file containing two MIDI files. One of them is what happens when I open an empty project. The other one is what happens when I open the project I am currently working on.

I would be happy to send you anything else that might help you help me figure this out. (609 Bytes)


As far as I know, these are MIDI Machine Control (MMC) messages. How is your Project Synchronization Setup, please?

Here are my Project Synchronization Settings:



From this, I would say the message has been sent when you change the position in the project. But actually this should be sent, if you want to keep Montage in sync with Cubase.

Does it bring any problem to you?

My only problem is the MIDI that gets sent to my Montage when I launch Cubase and open the project.


I expect you are using Montage for your production, right? If yes, I expect you need to send the data to Montage to stay Montage in sync and to load the patches, etc. If you don’t use Montage just disable it in the Project Synchronization Setup window, please.

Yes, I am using the Montage for production. The MIDI cc7 messages are being sent as the project opens. I can see the volume indicators on the Montage screen move to new values as the project opens.


The MIDI track faders send the MIDI CC7.

I think I get it. Are you saying that when the project opens, Cubase sends cc7 messages to the Montage to synchronize the Montage faders to the Cubase faders?

That would make a lot of sense, and I would never have figured that out by myself.


That was it! I just verified it.

One last question. In my Cubase project I have many tracks for each of the four Parts in my Montage Performance. How does Cubase pick which of the track volume settings to send to each particular Montage Part?

My guess would be rightmost in the MixConsole Window, but it would be good to have the real answer from someone who knows.

Just did an experiment, and it looks like it’s actually leftmost in the MixConsole Window.


Most probably, this one sends MIDI CC7 at Channel 1. The next one would send MIDI CC7 at Channel 2, etc.