Cubase 10.5 Activation Code?

Hey all,

I just updated to 10.5 from 10.0 and it’s asking for an activation code? Am I missing something here because I never received one; all I have is the 10.0 activation code which won’t work on 10.5.

Also, I see everyone else is also freaking out about this update but I was wondering if anyone is also experiencing missing plugins? I tried uninstalling 10.5 so I could just use 10.0, but all of my non-Steinberg plug-ins are missing.

Let’s hope this nightmare ends. :open_mouth:

10.5 is a paid upgrade. You should have gotten an activation code when you purchased the upgrade - double check your email or I think it should also show in your My Steinberg account.

Whoa whoa, paid upgrade? I already paid for Cubase Pro 10 when I first purchased it. So you’re saying in order to upgrade to 10.5 I need to pay for it?

I just checked the official announcement on Steinberg saying it’s a free upgrade for Cubase 10 users.

Also no Activation code showing up in my email or mySteinberg account :frowning:

Can you please post a link to that page? I had not heard of this at all.

If you bought 10.0 and activated its license shortly before the release of 10.5 then you can get 10.5 for free. I don’t recall the exact length of the grace period but it is fairly short like a month or two. Outside of that it is a paid update. So when did you register your 10.0 license?