Cubase 10.5 and 11 and Multi Core during mixdown

hello guys,
i am very happy camper with my new ryzen 9 desktop since few days. Yesterday i it did first stress tests and realised that this thing is 22 times faster than my old i7 laptop. very flashed by this…
but i got the impression that cubase 10.5. isnt using multi core for mixdown and freeze.
is my impression right?
if yes has this changed with cubase 11, because this alone would be an argument for me to upgrade.
all the best


export is the time you expect for your computer?

i have done more testing and find the power the cpu delivers during playback and the export time doesnt work together compared to my old laptop…

steinberg, would you like to post your official view on this?


I will contact support and ask them and hopefully will get an answer

i wrote to support some days ago… i will say what say say.

in the meantime i got the idea to check task manager during export
and i noticed that my cpu is around 10 percent during mixdown.

it hurts a bit to know that there might be a chance of being ten times faster during mixdown and
cubase doesnt use it.

Try raising your audio buffer to its maximum possible size before bouncing, it makes a huge difference to export speed - perhaps because it allows more use of the available cpu.


thank you for the tip.
it makes indeed a difference but it is still nowhere the real power of the computer. i will wait for a response from steinberg and report back here when i get it…


No worries, glad it helps.

It’s worth remembering that just because your computer is 22x faster by one metric that won’t necessarily translate to other tasks.

Do you use UAD hardware & plugins? Those will (I think) limit bounce speed as the processing is happening externally

I just use vst plugins. Instruments and effects.

I find it just odd that it is 22 times faster in playback and in export it’s lightyears away from this.

And uses ten percentage of the CPU during export…

30 days after contacting Steinberg support … nothing.

Enjoy the silence

This type of question is asked so often, and has been discussed a quite a bit here and elsewhere. This is part of the reason support might not have replied.

thank you for responding.

i havent found any threads to this topic. could you point me into a direction or tell me if steinberg ever talked this topic?

last time i wrote the support a question about halion 6 some years ago it took them months to get me an answer…

It’s more than the question of whether a given DAW uses multiple cores. Here’s one topic, maybe it will help you learn about this.

to make this clear.

i noticed that my new desktop is real world at least 40 times faster in cubase with the same project compared to my old laptop within audio playback.

my new desktop is about 5 times faster during export compared to my old laptop.

why is this?

to me its like playback uses all of my 12 cores and export only one.

steinberg, could this be?