Cubase 10.5 and Cubase Artist 8

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from Artist 8 to 10.5 Pro. My 10.5 Pro is on one SSD and Artist 8 is on another SSD in the same PC. When I went to open Artist 8, the .exe file reads “Cubase8.exe”. When I double click it, Cubase 8 Pro opens???

  • Where did I get Cubase 8 Pro from and where did Artist 8 go?

  • Did Steinberg automatically upgrade my Artist 8 during the 10.5 install?

  • Can I uninstall Cubase Pro 8? Do I need it?


You now get Pro 8 because the installer files for pro and artist are the same. The program that starts is depending on the license you have on your USB key. Since you now have a Pro license instead of an artist license, Cubase opens in the pro version.

Okay, thanks Svennilenni. Guess I’ll keep the Cubase 8 Pro version as well…although, I don’t know why :slight_smile:.