Cubase 10.5 and SSL Madi-extreme & Alpha Link

Hi there,

My system info is as follows:

PC Intel i9 9900K 3.6GHz 16M B
Windows 10
Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5.3
Steinberg Wavelab Pro 10
Universal Audio UAD2 Quad + Duo DSP cards


Solid State Logic SSL X-Logic Alpha Link AX MADI AX
SSL MADI Extreme 64 Sound Card

Nature of the Problem:

I am having trouble with a hiss (white noise) in Cubase 10.5.3, whenever I activate the record/monitor button on one or more audio channels. Generally, the noise runs about -70 to -60dB in the digital meter, with no microphone or other load plugged in. The noise can be present without any microphone or other load plugged in. It can be louder, or quieter, depending on the presence of microphones and plug-ins. Simply removing plug-ins helps, but does not eliminate the noise.

I tried recording a channel using Wavelab 10 (same computer, interface, soundcard and pre-amps etc), and it was pristine, quiet, without any noise whatsoever.

Cubase, however, is a different story. Steinberg support tells me it’s probably a driver issue with my SSL sound card and converter (SSL has not updated the drivers since 2012!)

Is anyone successfully using the SSL card and interface with Cubase 10 or 11?

Here’s some screenshots of the noise when Cubase is “armed” for recording, along with some screenshots of some of my settings.

Could it be something other than the SSL drivers?

Can you do a screenshot with all input strips visible?
Maybe there is a source connected that you not really aware of?
Or maybe there is a plugin running in the control room?

Hi there

There are no visible inputs, inserts, eq settings etc

Just activating the monitor/record button causes the noise, and it is recorded, ie, it’s not just in the monitoring, it gets printed if I try to attach a mic and record.

Only other noteworthy point is that lately, on booting up my computer and opening Cubase, it “hangs up” and does not properly initialize, usually stopping at “VST mixer”.

I then have to reboot the computer, and Cubase will load “properly” after the safe mode window, asking to use existing preferences. But then the noise starts when I arm any channel for recording.


Were you able to resolve this problem? I plan to buy an SSL 2+ to use with my Cubase Pro 10


SSL2+ and the SSL MADI stuff are completely different. So having a solution means nothing in regard to the SSL2+.

I really haven’t figured it out.

While I changed my soundcard to another MADI (RME) I doubt the problem is soundcard related, because I still the noise.

I think it’s some deep, dark hidden setting that is allowing noise to be amplified. I have outboard gear attached, and the noise may actually be caused by the bundle of cables, inductance, etc— which I can understand— I just don’t see how it gets into my Cubase projects when no inputs are armed for recording.

Could it be send/return issues for the external FX?

Yes, could be.