Cubase 10.5 Audio Part Renaming


Something I believe I used to do all the time, now don’t see a way to do it (Cubase 10.5):

  1. Record a long section of audio
  2. Cut it into parts with the scissors
  3. Rename each part as desired (e.g. to the chords of that part)

I’m not seeing any name field (only a File field) in the info line when I click on one of the new parts.
Has something changed recently?
Is there a setting I need to know about?

Thanks to whoever can set me straight here!

Keep in mind what you see in the info line depends on what type of track is in focus. For example click on a midi track, then an audio track and note the differences in the Info Line.

Since you are working with an audio track and have an audio part focused, and don’t see any Name Field, (do you mean Description Field?) check the Info Line Set-up Toolbar. Is “description” in the hidden section?

Ah, thanks for the helpful comment!

Description’ was hidden (for these audio tracks), and I find that if I unhide it then it acts somewhat like the ‘Name’ field for MIDI tracks in that whatever I type in ‘Description’ becomes the first part of the part label display (text in the upper left of the part).

However, what I see now is that part label display is a concatenation of ‘Description’ followed by ‘File’.

Is it possible to suppress the ‘File’ portion here in the interest of more concisely labeled parts? (ala my MIDI parts which only reflect ‘Name’).

Also, these audio parts (which again, I created from one long recording using the scissors) do not appear in the pool at all.

Is there a function to cause the parts to become separate files in the pool?

I think you are actually talking about Audio Events (not Parts) which are like windows into an Audio File.
Audio Events always use the underlying filename and also have a Description field.

Audio Parts are like containers that can hold one or more Audio Events. Audio Parts can have their own unique name independent of the Audio Events contained within.

Thanks. I’ll dig into that events/parts distinction.

I notice for the audio events that if you empty (e.g. using delete) the Description field then it automatically repopulates with the contents of the File field making File and Description the same. When this occurs, the the event’s display label collapses to show the duplicate text only once.

To get to where I wanted to be with audio as described above, I find that I can use Bounce on every event to create a file in the pool for each event which contains only the audio for that event (a fraction of the original recording). I can then name each file as I wish, empty the Description field (as above, if necessary) and thus get the displayed result I was after. This is kinda tedious, and gives me a bunch of extra audio files that I didn’t necessarily want, but it does get me there.

I do rather wish I could just edit the Name for audio (after recording and scissors) the same simple way as for MIDI. In term of the way things are now, that would probably mean having a checkbox in the info line for audio events as to whether File is displayed in the label or not. In such a case, if that box were unchecked (do not display File), then the event would be labeled with Description only, editable as desired.

In light of all the above, once I’ve scissored newly recorded audio into events, is there a way to quickly convert all those events into Parts?

Could it be using Cycle Markers?

I ginned up a Macro and a Logical Editor preset that work together to convert the selected audio event to an audio part, and then navigate right to the next event. The preset can be repeatedly applied to do this to all the events in a track pretty quickly.

Is it possible to make this a one-step operation? IOW, something similar that can be applied just once to do all the events on a track?

Logiical Editor Preset - Audio Event to Part Nav Right.jpg
Macro - Audio Event to Part Nav Right.jpg