Cubase 10 5 - audition MIDI notes at cursor

Hi, just joined up, so may have this in the wrong place, so forguve me.

I have Cubase 10.5 on Windows 11. Is there a way to audition notes / chords at the cursor position? i.e. manually position the cursor then press a shortcut key to play the note/chord? Its MIDI parts I’m interested in.



Hi John and welcome to the forums!

Why doesn’t simply pressing Play work for you?

Hi, I place notes manually (yes, it’s a laborious process but it’s how I work.). I just want to audition the chord and make changes as I go until I’m happy with it. Pressing play obviously zooms off and plays the next chord(s). I just want to focus on one at a time. It would be a nice feature to have.



If you select a note this is going to be played back, if the feedback is enabled in the editor. But this doesn’t work if you select multiple notes by using the lasso selection.

What might work, you would select (by clicking) one note and then you would add the next note by using the Key Command. This should (if I’m not mistaken) play both selected notes back.

Hi John, You can highlight the notes you wish to hear then just click and hold on them if the acoustic feedback button is activated (The litte speaker icon at the top of the editor)
Edit - yes, sorry as martin states this still only plays the one note.

There is an option in preferences to ‘return to start position on stop’ though, that perhaps may suit your workflow? It’s under the transport section in preferences.

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