Cubase 10.5 automaticly shuts down (Windows 10)

Hi I’m using cubase 10.5 on windows 10.
My issue is that it crashes on me all the time, sometimes in just 2 min or so and sometimes I can work and record for maybe 30 min then it crash mid recording or lisening back on my work.

No crashwindow come up, nothing.
it just shuts down and when I start it again I just get the safe window.

Anyone know what the deal is?
I heard that it can be issues with 3rd party plugins, but I just use the stockplugins.

I tried searching for it on google, but I haven’t found anything.

I would be so greatfull if someone maybe know what the problem is.
thank you.

is your system otherwise stable?
latest chipset/bios/drivers etc
latest Audio interface drivers (and which interface do you use?)

what CPU/Ram you have?

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Hi thanks for replying.
Yes my system is otherwise stable.

Sorry what do you mean by latest chipset/bios/drivers?
I’m still kinda new to this.

I use a scarlet solo focusrite.

My computer specs are.
CPU: AMD ryzen 3 3250u with radeon graphics 2,60 GHz

hope this helps.

Hi sorry i mean do you have all the latest chipset drivers/motherboard bios/focusrite asio drivers/focusrite firmware (if availiable)

also when it quit, the next startup does it prompt you to start in safe mode and give you a button to click to open the crash log?

Yes I have all the latest uppdates.

Yes it ask if I want to start cubase in safe mode but I don’t see anything about crash log, it just ask me if I want to disable 3rd party plugins or preferences.
I have done that but it still won’t work.