cubase 10.5, Catalina 10.15.3- does not see roland rd700 on midi is not defined

Greetings, colleagues! There was a problem: Roland RD 700 USB-Midi to Mac mini 2018 (Catalina 10.15.3). Cubase does not see Roland (((Although on Hi sierra in the same version of cubase (10.5) is defined??? Any help) Sorry for my English.

Hi and welcome,

Reinstall the driver, please. Make sure, the driver is 64bit.

Does the system see the hardware in macOS Audio MIDI Setup utility?

I have the same problem. Roland RD700NX with iMac upgraded to OSX Catalina. Cubase 10.5 installed however depressing Roland keys produce no midi activity. Accessing virtual keyboard on VSL instruments in Cubase works ok. This is an upgrade from Cubase 10 on OSX High Sierra, which worked perfectly in this configuration.
Roland driver was updated to latest (v2.02), note that this driver is installed via USB key direct to the Roland, so unsure if OSX cares if the driver is 32 or 64 bit.
Appreciate any pointers.
Thanks, Pete.


Does the system see your Roland MIDI Input in the macOS Audio MIDI Setup utility, please?

In the Audio Setup Utility the devices are Builtin Microphone, Builtin Output, Display Audio and AudioBox44 VSL.
In Midi Studio the box Roland RD was present, with 3 down arrow, 2 up arrow. As per Roland driver installation procedure I created box ‘Roland Digital Piano’ and wired it up, see attached screenshot. The Roland helper app confirmed driver installed correctly.
Testing this does not result in any lights or midi activity in Midi Studio, or in Cubase. So right now I cannot use the midi keyboard with Cubase.

Hey Martin, further to this I’ve done some further checking - see attached screen shot.

  1. Created a new configuration in Midi Studio.
  2. Added a new device, left it named as the default ‘New external device’
  3. Connected it as shown to the Roland RD box (are the connections ok?)
  4. Tested the down arrow from Roland RD box - it results in a sound from the Roland. Testing up arrow from New External Device or press keyboard key does nothing at all.
  5. Opened Cubase/Studio Setup - see screen shot. The ‘New external device’ can be seen in I/O In (Active), and I/O Out (Inactive)
  6. Playing keyboard still results in nothing in Cubase.
    Not sure what else I can change?
    Thanks, Pete

Fux117 - were you able to fix your problem?


Could you try MIDI Monitor application, to test if the issue is on Cubase side or not.

In Cubase, double-check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure MIDI Notes are not filtered out, please.

Thanks. However this is taking too long to fix. My tech help has altered my configuration to not being USB connected Roland to PC/ Cubase and instead use standard 5 pin midi from the Roland to my AudioBox44VSL interface. That way the PC/ Cubase doesn’t see the Roland, and no longer needs to care about 64 bit driver compatibility, Presonus already have 64 bit drivers for the AudioBox.
It works fine and could be a more robust configuration in any case. Cheers.