Cubase 10.5 Colours - Active Channel


I’m enjoying the new colour option for mixer channels, but I notice that the selected channel is always coloured grey. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable that behaviour (or if not, to at least choose a different colour for the selected channel)


You can change the brightness in the preferences, but thats it:-

Pity, it would be nice if it could maintain the colour but just be brighter. Thanks for the reply though.




again, in other DAWs usually grey colour means disabled track, muted clips etc. but here in mix console (but also in project window) we use greyed color to mark selected track/trakcs,

you do not know what is the color of selected this way track

again, muted (greyed) clips in Cubase are the brightest clips on the dark project window - Steinberg don’t you think they should be barely visible between active clips or at least configurable according to users’ preferences?

Agreed! It’s insanity to have the highlighted track gray!

You can change the mixer colors - go to preferences\user interface\track & mix console channel colors. Check the appropriate boxes. This is only on 10.5

…or just watch the 50 second video

err ? yes I’m sure we all know about that …you haven’t understood the problem

for both mixer tracks and muted events. Muted events are the brightest parts in project window - what were they thinking?

In the last Cubase hangout I mentioned if they could make it so that only the selected channel got colorized. That would be a useful feature imo.