Cubase 10.5 crashes on simple tasks

Hello I have just moved to Cubase from tools. Cubase seemingly crashes on simple tasks that vary daya to day. the same task may repeatedly cause a crash on the same day but then another day the same task is ok but it would crash on a different task. For example If I delete a midi note from the piano roll whist the score editor is open this caused it to crash and was reproducible on the same day. However consequent days this did not happen. Today when I try to expand an midi controller lane this will make it crash. Other times its a plug insert that I am trying to open. Restarting the computer does not always solve the problem. I have copied and pasted the first part of the latest crash report here and also attached it, this was when trying to expand a midi controller lane. I have also attached a few other crash reports from the past to assist. Many thanks for all your help

Process: Cubase 10.5 [957]
Path: /Applications/Cubase 10.5
Identifier: com.steinberg.cubase10v5
Version: (
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: Cubase 10.5 [957]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2020-03-05 16:48:33.843 +1100
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.6 (17G8030)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: A8B9DAA8-7BE9-D133-7517-63CA604140E1

Time Awake Since Boot: 2900 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: EXC_I386_GPFLT

Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
Terminating Process: exc handler [0]

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc014b6 0x10dc67000 + 33137846
1 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fbb87dd 0x10dc67000 + 32839645
2 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fbb8002 0x10dc67000 + 32837634
3 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
4 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
5 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
6 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
7 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
8 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
9 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fa27aa4 0x10dc67000 + 31197860
10 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
11 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
12 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
13 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
14 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
15 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
16 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
17 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
18 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
19 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
20 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
21 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
22 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fa27aa4 0x10dc67000 + 31197860
23 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
24 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
25 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
26 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
27 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
28 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
29 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
30 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
31 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
32 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
33 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
34 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
35 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fa27aa4 0x10dc67000 + 31197860
36 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc0ddf7 0x10dc67000 + 33189367
37 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc1e2aa 0x10dc67000 + 33256106
38 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc061fb 0x10dc67000 + 33157627
39 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc2952c 0x10dc67000 + 33301804
40 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc28de5 0x10dc67000 + 33299941
41 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fb7e92b 0x10dc67000 + 32602411
42 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc5bb2c 0x10dc67000 + 33508140
43 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc5c3ae 0x10dc67000 + 33510318
44 0x00007fff471dfd6d -[NSWindow(NSEventRouting) _handleMouseDownEvent:isDelayedEvent:] + 5891
45 0x00007fff471dc9c4 -[NSWindow(NSEventRouting) _reallySendEvent:isDelayedEvent:] + 2359
46 0x00007fff471dbc70 -[NSWindow(NSEventRouting) sendEvent:] + 497
47 0x00007fff4703d236 -[NSApplication(NSEvent) sendEvent:] + 2462
48 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010f660018 0x10dc67000 + 27234328
49 0x00007fff4689d8b5 -[NSApplication run] + 812
50 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fc433a8 0x10dc67000 + 33407912
51 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010fa6f736 0x10dc67000 + 31491894
52 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010f65bde1 0x10dc67000 + 27217377
53 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010f65f93b 0x10dc67000 + 27232571
54 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff712e1015 start + 1

0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x00007fff7142825e semaphore_timedwait_trap + 10
1 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010f682582 0x10dc67000 + 27374978
2 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010ea7fa91 0x10dc67000 + 14781073
3 com.steinberg.cubase10v5 0x000000010f681804 0x10dc67000 + 27371524
4 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff715fcae0 _pthread_suspended_body + 229
Cubase 10.5_2020-03-01-113349_apples-MacBook-Pro-5.crash (122 KB)
Cubase 10.5_2020-03-05-155508_apples-MacBook-Pro-5.crash (149 KB)
Cubase 10.5_2020-03-05-164835_apples-MacBook-Pro-5.crash (148 KB)

Hi and welcome,

You are still on Cubase 10.5.0. Update to the latest Cubase 10.5.12, please. If it’s still crashing, upload the new *.crash files, please.

Hello thank you for the response. Having just looked into compatibility, I just discovered that 10.5 is not compatible with OSX high Sierra. Oh dear. I had originally purchased 10.0 having double checked that it was compatible with high sierra.
But 10.5 turned up in my download assistant so I just decided to use that assuming it was a regular update, not a new version. I have since written many cues on 10.5. If I install 10.0 on my system will it be possible to open the cpr files I made in 10.5 on 10.0?

and can the 2 versions exist together?


Yes, you can have both version installed side by side. And yes, you can open Cubase 10.5 projects in Cubase 10. And yes, you can start Cubase 10.0 with Cubase 10.5 license.

great many thanks for the info

Mac OSX 10.12 on a Desktop machine. Cub Pro 10.5 is extremely unreliable.I have reverted to v10 Cub pro (works tirelessly without hiccup) as the spinning beachball randomly crashes the program.
I am now in a situation where the software I have paid for is not running without crashing on any simple task and somehow the saved files I create working in Cub Pro 10.5 vanish also.


This is not a supported system for Cubase 10.5. Please check the System requirements.

Hello, can you tell me why you left protools? I think I’m going to move from cubase to something else because of the number of difficulties I encounter and that I am not alone. We seem to have bought beta software, unfinished and I regret it very much.

I stayed on PT 10 Le for a long time as I didn’t want to go to subscription and didn’t trust they would keep on trying to stifle me with things like removing RTAS (for PT12). Its frustrating PT has never supported VST in the past and also midi functionality has always been a drag in PT

However, staying with PT10 meant staying on an old OSX which has significant ramification forother soft synths. So I bit the bullet and put another hard dive on my computer so I can have both OSX in the one machine.

I had heard through fellow film composers that Cubase has excellent midi capabilities compared with PT and this is proving true for my needs so far. But Cubase 10.0 has significant failings - namely won’t export video and I still haven’t gotten around some audio editing functionality that is super easy in PT (eg comping in PT is so much more intuitive)

I think there are pros and cons to both at this stage, but the video export is going to make me move to Mojave for Cubase10.5 - but this comes with some other problems from graphic card hardware perspective for me.

The other thing I like so far in Cubase vs PT is that Cubase has a great folder system so I can fold down the tracks. Very handy for midi orchestral scoring. Hope this helps you