Cubase 10.5 crashes when loading projects

10.5 crashes when I try to load my Cubase 10.0.5 projects.

Luckily I still have the 10.0.5 version installed so I can still work, but seriously…

So the project starts loading and then it crashes and shuts down.

Anyone got an idea on what to do?

And yes, I can start a new project without 10.5 crashing…

Try starting in Safe Start mode, to determine whether a preference or plugin is causing the crash.

If the project loads in safe mode, then drag all your 3rd- party plugins out of their usual location - if the project loads, then start adding them back in batches until the crash happens again - then you can narrow down which one is causing it.

If it’s not a plugin, then a good old prefs trashing could work.

Discovered now that it my be because of Autotune 8.

But I also get a license not found for Steinberg vst3 plugins, such as GA, RevX etc.

Alright, it was Autotune 8 that was causing the problem!

Anyone else having this problem?

As for RevX etc. it was a matter of entering the license code for the Basix Fx suite that is included with Ui824 to the elicenser. I never use these plugins but while checking what the problem was I discovered this also.

I had to remove a problematic VST from the VST3 folder…
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
Kept getting stuck on startup at the VSTs Scan.

After checking the task manager and seeing the Plugin scan master was locking up at the same exact spot I went searching and found it. Deleted it.
For me it was the Saturation Knob from softube. Ironically a free plugin…lol

I Have the same kinda issue trying to insert Ozone 9, Fabfilter ProQ 3…Probably gonna be more plugins as i test them… on my master buss (main Stereo Out)… what is going on here?

Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 freezes Cubase 10.5 pro when trying to insert it.
It doesnt crash if inserting the plugin in REAPER which is 60$ for 2 full versions.
Grats Reaper

Got the same problem. I opened up a project that was previously created in Cubase 10 Pro. After the project has loaded, Cubase hangs with a spinning wheel and I need to force kill the application. This can be reproduced any time, no chance to do anything inside the project. I fixed that particular project by opening it in Cubase 10, just closing all of the plugin windows (but NOT unloading them!) and saving the project again. After that I was able to open it up in Cubase 10.5 with no crash.

But starting on a completely new project in Cubase 10.5, it crashes again after loading a third instance of the same plugin. It worked well on two tracks and after opening it in a third one, the same issue re-occured again. It was a completely different plugin, that was not loaded at all in the other project mentioned above, so I doubt that it has anything to do with a buggy plugin.

At this point I cannot use Cubase 10.5, as it is crashing all the time :frowning: I didn’t have a similar issue with the previous versions since C6Pro.

I havent been able to open 10.5 since updating from v10 nearly two weeks ago.
Message states cant find elicense then just hangs so I need to force quit everything.
I’ve updated elicenser to latest version and v10 works fine.
My main gripe is I submitted a support ticket 10 days ago and have heard absolutely nothing from Steinberg.

Has this issue been resolved??
Are you guys still having problems inserting plugins ??

It seems like this issue has to do with plugins that use GPU hardware acceleration, namely waves, fabfilter, and melda.

Cubase 10.5 was apparently built on Mojave which has depreciated OpenGL in favour of Metal which has caused plugins that use OpenGL and Cubase running previous versions of Mac OS to be quite unstable.

I’ve found that having a single plugin window open at a time seems to avoid the a few of the random hangs. Not all of course, but it helps. reduce say 10 crashes/hangs per hour to 5.

My Cubase 10.5 crashes when I loading Toontrack Superior drummer 3, or sometimes when I put some Steven Slate plugin on my master channel… :frowning:

Yes. I am glad I fount this post. 10.5 was driving me nuts, since I couldn’t repeat the exact same process. It crashes randomly when opening random plugins. Including it’s own sampler, and Halion.
I’m on OS X High Sierra.
Didn’t expect this form steinberg. Since 8 I’ve been a happy upgrader.
For me it’s back to 10.0

Just adding in my two cents here too to let everyone know that I’m experiencing the same issues with Fabfilter ProQ3 and ProQ2. Cubase hangs when I load it. I’m also on OS X High Sierra.

One other interesting thing I’ve found. I have a MacBook Pro that is attached to another monitor. I use both of the displays in a side by side configuration. When I occasionally do get ProQ3 to work, it looks fine when the plugin window is on my MacBook’s screen. However, if i drag it to the other larger monitor, all of a sudden the content inside the plugin window appears about 25% smaller than the plugin window itself (hope that description made sense). It’s too small to see anything useful inside the window.

I just emailed tech support about this, so it’ll be interesting to see if this is a known bug and how Steinberg will be addressing it.