Cubase 10.5 Cursor return issues

Hello Out there from Australia

I have just upgraded to 10.5 and I am having two problems with the cursor. When I press return to start of the project the cursor goes back to the start ok but the track position remains where the cursor was and 2. When I am working in a section of the track and have set locators when I press return the cursor goes to the start of the project and not to the locator.

Help please


Is Auto-Scroll enabled in the Project window?

How exactly do you call this “return to start” function, please?

Hello Martin

Thanks for your response . Yes auto scroll is on. I will try to explain further. Say you are working in a project and you are almost through to the end and want to go back to the start or to a set locator. When you press return the cursor returns fine but you have to manually scroll back to the locator or start of the project. Very frustrating Hope you can hello. This wasn’t a problem with Cubase 10 it works fine



If the Auto Scroll is enabled, then the screen must follow the cursor, so the cursor is always visible.

Can you make a video screen recording, please?

Hello Martin

Thanks for you response again. I have worked it out .

The “Use Video follow edit edit mode” in the Transport menu was selected . When I deselected it problem solved
Sheer luck that I stumbled upon it

Thanks once again for responding