Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

We’ve invited some of YouTube’s most popular Cubase users - Jef Gibbons, Paul Marx Media and Marika Takeuchi - to each create an inspiring project in Cubase Pro 10.5.

You can download the projects here:

This is a great idea. Can’t wait to listen ! Taking this a step further, what would be really useful, is if through downloadable songs like these, users could be shown specific examples of production techniques like mid side eq or multiband compression, using Cubase’s plugins.

It would have the benefit of showing off cubase pros capabilities as well as acting as a tutorial.

So eg with each project there would be some short notes showing Eg ‘note how we were able to carve out space between the vocals and leads by using multiband compression on track 2 insert 3’.

This would be amazing as you’d have it right there in your project and clearly see what settings they dialed in etc.

It would be like being in the room with the YouTuber amd also being able to tweak what they did to see how it functions.

It is interesting to see how diverse each of these project constructions is and all so very different to my way of working. Definitely worth a look.

Tip: The instances of Multitap in the Paul Marx thing, specifically on tracks 19 and 38, messed with my system. As soon as I switched them off, no problem.

Same experience as Parrotspain regarding Multitap. Seems to be a real CPU-hog. Audio performance is peaking if Multitap is not disabled. I’ve also noticed that some samples for Padshop is missing: Fifth Wave1 for Five Suns and Pluck Reversed for Ghost Whistle.

No issues with any of the 3 projects here…
Interesting short demos

Great idea to provide fully formed projects especially of different styles of music. I enjoyed wandering through some of the effects and sounds that were used.

Yes, Padshop samples in the Paul Marx song were missing for me as well - which is a pity, and no mix to see what it should really sound like. I thought I had all the presets installed as well.


That’s amazing idea!!
Even on “lower” versions of Cubase it’s good to see how others work and how everything is set up.
More please. :slight_smile:

Thank you Paul Marx thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

I’ve wasted 3 hours of my life searching for missing Padshop presets. ALL YOUR presets were missing and 4 FOUR wav files were simply absent. I know I must be grateful because you’ve shared your amazing work FOR FREE and I must take it as it is, with no expectations and complaints. But burn in hell with all your free stuff if you don’t get a simple thing that when you use any custom presets with files which are not included in Cubase Pro you must write some comments for other people to let them know what to do. There are track Notepads, Project Notepad in Cubase or you could attach a .txt file with your notes to the project… but you did nothing. So now we’ve got our wasted time and a broken project.

And special thanks go to Steinberg team for their Padshop description! “More than 570 presets”!!! What do you really mean guys??? 571 or 599 perhaps 26782346873 ? - This is also “More than 570”. And at the “New in 2” page we can see “100 new presets and samples” so does it mean “More than 670” in total??? I know that Cubase Pro is a perfect software with NO bugs and there are no such topics on the forum like “Missing content” so there’s no need to specify the actual number of presets… But what the hell guys!!! With all your marketing-oriented-minds and language, life is getting worse. Please stop it. When you go to buy new shoes you expect to see the actual size but not something like “Larger than 42”, so with the software we need real numbers to be able to check the proper installation.

Well I’m pretty much disappointed. It looks like everybody are doing their best to deliver the best things but one person is too lazy or too much in hurry to make some notes and check the files, other guys are profit oriented and at the end we have disappointment, spoiled mood and frustration.

Hey winter hope all is good with you. Seems like you have some stuff going on with you as shown with language like ‘burn in hell’ for the omission of presets. So whatever is happening, sending you some positive vibes that things work out. :blush::+1:

It would be a great Marketing exercise to get more real-world stories and discography of released music that is created in Cubase. I think Cubase seems to still not be taken as seriously as a professional choice. I had a mid level artist ask me ‘why Cubase’ with a slight smirk lately. I replied with all of the reasons of course! How shall we get rid of the perception if your not in ProTools or Logic that its not that your using a lesser tool! Quite the opposite

All projects working fine here, great to have the opportunity to observe others at work – there’s always something new to learn!

This was very helpful. Thank you, CS.

I’m trying to learn about Marika using strings.
On my project the vst says “No vst instrument”. So how do i get to the vst instruments she used ?

Are these demo projects locked up so that we can’t get any meaningful info’ from them ?
I’m trying to get the Marika use of strings but evrything is locked and the vst instruments for the dtrings are non existent.

Try watching the video on the page where you downloaded the demo projects where she explains everything in detail.

Aah ! Thanks MrSoundman i realise now i need the full Halion Sonic 3 and not the cut down SE version that were given with 10.5

But of course you can still play around with the demo and substitute sounds that are available to you …

Thanks Mr Soundman. I’m thinking of buying the Halion Sonic 3 but Steinberg are that slow to reply to buyers questions it’s a wonder they ever sell anything

i see Marika is using Iconica strings in Halion Sonic 3.
Does Iconica come free with Halion Sonic 3 or Does Halion Sonic 3 come free with Iconica ?

Great work really helps a lot