Cubase 10.5 does not close

Cubase 10.5 does not close, it is possible to close only through the task manager.
Help me ! :blush:

Have had this reported in another thread too. I arrange with this bug but it is not a nice one. Can you tell me something about your vsts?

Hey. I use VST - Avenger, Spire, Serum, Halion 6, KONTAKT. I’m comfortable with that. No extra garbage. In projects I work stably, but when I close the DAW Cubase dies. You can only close the task in the manager. This is bad !

I have a huge problem with it crashing on closing. I guess it is a big problem in the latest version with either the freeze or the crash.

I traced my problems to Transit, all project involved with that program will make my Cubase crash on exit

This is -not- a 10.5 issue. It’s been going on in Cubase for years with several systems I’ve had. The problem is that you either have it or you don’t. And the people who don’t have it think you have a ‘bad system’ or ‘bad plugs’ or -whatever-. Classic victim blaming. But I run several DAWs and Cubase is the only one that has these issues.

As others have reported, you -can- learn to live with it (I have). But it sucks that it’s not taken more seriously.

The one caveat: Cubase saves many settings ON EXIT. So the ‘trick’ is that if you want to make settings changes, make them with no CPR open, exit (hope it goes well) with no CPR open. It’s a PITA, but that’s about all. Oh… and save, Save, SAVE. Constantly save.

Waiting to be contradicted in 10, 9, 8…

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…and give it time to close.

I used to be affected by this problem in earlier versions until v9 I think.
It’s come back occasionally in 10.5 for me BUT if I leave the Cubase long enough it usually closes down. Once it was over ten minutes but it did close at some point after that (don’t know exactly how long, I went for lunch).

I had a hole adventure with this issue. I have been fighting with it for 2 years now…
First i tried the forum…ive got some useless answers. Then i tried the painful email support system. That was really fun. First i emailed some Yamaha dude from my country (address i found on steinbergs website). I wrote to him in my native language. He transferred me to another dude in some other country… so i had to translate the hole thing in english…well, no problem. Then he transferred me to another dude in another country (i guess he was spanish). This one, first gave me the “solutions” which i have already took from the forum. I told him none are working. Then he took me to a hole new level… that involved looking for things on Windows that i didnt know that existed..i cant remember the hole process.
This so called support from beginning to the end took a few months. Finally the spanish dude told me that its my AMD video card driver that causes the problem. So i should wait for him to contact the AMD guys and tell them about it. Of course i didnt wait and i bought a Nvidia card (brand new, and a good one too). And what do you know…cubase still hanged when i closed it.
So i started making plugins tests. After a while i found the mofo that gave me so much trouble: Xfer OTT ! I was using it on a lot of tracks in my projects and without it…cubase closes just fine. Still…its a pretty good plugin that makes a lot of sense for me to use (even if now i am not using it so often)... so i found a workaround. When i start a new project, work on it and if i use OTT, first i save the project,then i disable all the instances of it (not bypass, disable). Then, when i close cubase i dont save the project with that plugin disabled…i just quit without saving. And the program closes just fine. Its not a very good solution if the troublemaker plugin is used on every track and you have to open every instance and disable it, but if you dont have many instances, then it won`t be much trouble.

So…i found 2 troublemakers so far:
Xfer OTT and Shattered glass audios SGA 1566 (this one is a distortion plugin and its not very popular, i guess).
My advice is to start testing your plugins and see which one causes the problem. My guess is that it would be a VST2 one, and something old, which has not been updated by his developer for a long time. I could be wrong though.

Good luck…

You have to wait and pray. Cubase may still close. And then you can “close” it again, because Cubase needs you to close it twice. First one, the project. Then, if it don’t crashes and you wait enough (it depends on how long your session has been), Cubase lets you close it (in Windows). It happened to me since I bought it. You learn to live with it, but it’s ridiculous that one of the most expensive DAWs it’s unable to close properly.

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Project always closes without problems. The hang happens on the second Close and i never wait…always force quit with Task Manager. But now that i found the problematic plugins, its not an issue any more. Hopefully they will solve this problem in hopes are not very high though...we are talking of old plugins here (vst2) and Steinberg looks always looks ahead...on new things (vst3 - maybe 4) not ancient ones. As for OTT i dont think it will ever be updated to vst3, as for the guy from xfer is very happy with what he has right now, even if his plugins are paleolithic.

The problem I have with the “It’s the old VST” theory is that there’s no easy/definitive way to test. I spend days/weeks/months trying to figure out -which- VST may or may not be the issue. Or maybe it’s the CPR.

There needs to be a way to easily test these things.

Yeah… This is back for a vengeance with me. Had it before, some years back quite bad but it did go away. Shame really.

The problem I have with the “It’s the old VST” theory is that there’s no easy/definitive way to test. I spend days/weeks/months trying to figure out -which- VST may or may not be the issue. Or maybe it’s the CPR.

I got lucky…i managed to figure them out after a few months…first i thought it was VPS Avenger…it turned out to be OTT…i heard that latest 10.5 has some kind of troubleshooter… i never upgraded from 10 because of this issue (i trialed it and it hanged just like 10). I dont know if it works for this type of problem but its a step forward. I am waiting for 11…