Cubase 10.5 does not load projects that work perfectly on 9.5

Hi guys,

Just upgraded to 10.5, when i try open projects that are stable on 9.5, cubase tries to load the project then crashes with no dump file. It fails to open the project. Like it crashes when trying to load plugins.

What could be wrong?

A few thoughts…

Maybe you have some older 32bit VSTs in 9.5 that are messing with the opening in 10.5. if so, try disabling them. You can also try starting CB 10.5 in safe mode and see if the 9.5 version will open.

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I’m having the same problem with cubase 10.5 and projects from 9.5. Cubase tries to open the project and then suddenly cubase closes, doesn’t freeze or give an error, it’s just gone at once.
You managed to find a solution?

I had ther same crash everytime and I do not have any 32bit plugins.
But my solution still is to insert Soundtoys Microshift plugin in the Controlroom, bypass it and then no problems whatsoever.
This solution has been described a few times here, don’t know what exact issue the cause of the crash is (probably a certain plugin), but for me this works, so I don’t care anymore.
If I do not have this plugin inserted I cannot open any former made project(older Cubase versions) into C10.5

Same issues sort of.
Downloaded Cubase 10.5 AI with an UR22 Activation code. Installed but now when I toggle the AI-10.5 icon to activate the Cubase Daw I get nothing.
I also restarted the Win 10 computer many times.
Even with the Dongle out it doesn’t see it as typical looking for License. Issue.
Worked fine on Cubase LE 1O.5 now I get nothing?
My Dongle shows the activated Licenses…
Any Ideas… Thx Steve