Cubase 10.5 doesn't start at all

Hi all. I got an ORIGINAL copy of Cubase 10.5 (Educational, from my audio engineering school), I installed the downloader, then the Elicenser (that I have uninstalled and reinstalled because Cubase wasn’t working) and then I downloaded Cubase 10.5 (living in an isolated place, it took up to 5 hours). My PC is a windows 8 (not 8.1). I had to move some files from the C: (SSD) to the E: (mechanic hard disk) because this hard disk hadn’t enough storage space. About one or two years ago (Don’t remember when), I installed Cubase LE that wasn’t working too, I uninstalled it and then checked for other hidden files, then deleted them too.

Returning at the point: I started Elicenser as administrator, then started Cubase 10.5 as administrator too, but nothing happens. Looking at the task manager, when I start Cubase I see it launches in background applications, but then closes and nothing happens, at all.

Please, I need help! It’s the main program where I study on.

Windows 8
Intel I5
Nvidia GTX 760
External Audio Interface Mackie Onyx version Producer 2.2

Hi and welcome,

Cubase 10.5 is not compatible with Windows 8. Windows 10 only. Already Cubase 10 and 9.5… were compatible with Windows 8.1 only, not Windows 8.

Please install compatible Windows system.

So it doesn’t start because of the OS only? Thank you.


Most probably yes. As far as I remember, previous Cubase version also didn’t start at Windows 8(.0) at all. This is just not a compatible system.

Thank you all for help. I’m going to update at windows 10!

I’m going to tell you if works or not then.