Cubase 10.5 don't save VCA mute/solo/listen status

Cubase 10.5 don’t save VCA mute/solo/listen status. When you save project with mute, solo or listen button checked, after reload it will be unchecked. Only on VCA chanells!!! Please, repair that soonly.


It works the same way as it worked in C10.0.x here on my side. Solo state is saved with the project here.

Yes, of course, it’s work like in v10. I will explain my opinion:
I mute a few gruped tracks via a VCA fader (VCA is muted).
After reopening the project, the only VCA fader is unmuted (all gruped tracks remain muted).
In that case, I can no longer make any commands via the VCA fader (whatever I press: mute, solo or listen button - the grouped channels do not respond). In other words - I have a VCA fader, but as if I’m inaccessible ???


Yes, as I wrote, Solo is working, Mute doesn’t work, same as it was in Cubase 10.0.x.

That’s what I’m talking about. But, and MUTE must be working also! Is it true?
If this is a place to report issues - then I report this failure.


I’m not really 100% sure about the specification here. It sounds familiar to me.

But I agree the use expectation is what you described.