Cubase 10.5 Elements - Not working after purchase / License Activation


Here is my story/problem:

I have been running Cubase 10.5 Elements (happily) in the 30 day Trial version for the last 2 week. Satisfied it would meet my needs (switching from Logic after 15 years!), I pulled the pin an bought a copy.

After activation and registration, it worked fine, but after a day it stopped working. ‘No valid license found’ at startup.

Running eLicenser shows the License disabled (Red).

Searching the forums I see others have had similar problems with Cubase (of all versions).

Common theme is to start eLicenser in Admin mode and run the Maintenance Task.

Done that, License shows up valid as it should, however…

I can now only run Cubase as Administrator, which will not work properly with my soundcard. I get silence. Anyway, you should not be running user Apps in Admin mode, period.

  • Windows 10 (latest updates as of today).
  • eLicenser (laster version as of today)

I have not found anything to solve this issues (save a complete reinstall).

Cubase is a great alternative to Logic (which just works) but this has now left a bad taste in my mouth. All I want to do is make Music (and escape the Apple ecosystem).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

Why do you have to run Cubase as Administrator, please? What happens if you don’t run it as Administrator?


I have an problem. I purchased an Cubase Elements 10.5 Update from Cubase Elements 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 9.5 / 10 license. I have an active Cubase Elements 10 license. When I try e-license prodedure the the software send this message: the activation code has been used already cubase. an activation code can be used only once to dowload or upgrade a license. please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.

Help me, please!

If I do not run as Administrator, Cubase brings up the aforementioned ‘No valid license found’ dialog at startup and you cannot continue.

I have now ‘resolved’ this problem by a fresh install of Windows 10 / eLicenser & Cubase.

Anyway, I was hoping someone could explain the scenario / conditions that put eLicenser / Cubase into this state. As I am now nervous that it could / would happen again. Reinstalling Windows is not the solution to the problem.



When you started eLCC as Administrator and triggered Maintenance, were all items marked as OK? And you can’t start Cubase (without Administrator rights) anyway?

Yes, all OK under eLicenser when running it under Admin.

Correct, Cubase would not run unless under Admin.

As above, fresh install worked. Now I have been using it more seriously, I really do like it. No nonsense approach and I have broken 10+ years of paying Apple Tax for their hardware.

Still hard to kick Logic habits…but I will persevere.


I have a similar issue it does not connect me to the server although I have provided access to elincencer and steinberg,net servers on my Windows 10 PC. I find that Steinberg support will not acknowledge that their servers are perceptually down and inspite of various emails they have been ignored. Please advise what other venues I have to bring this matter up at a higher lever or even ask for a refund

I probably shouldn’t be writing because I’m frustrated as hell with the lack of response, let alone support for this issue. Like those before me, I’ve been banging my head against the door of Steinberg’s so called “support” for the past week. No response to emails or technical reports.
It’s just not acceptable in this day & age for manufacturers to expect consumers to remain loyal to their product when it appears they couldn’t care less about their after sales service. If this is actually read by a human, perhaps you would do myself and those before me, the courtesy of a coherent & solution focused reply. Rant over - just as I am with Steinberg!


Could you describe your issue, please? What exactly doesn’t work? The activation? What steps you did already? Where does it stop? What is the last successful step?

Make sure you distinguish Download Access Code (insert it to MySteinberg) and Activation Code (eLCC application).