Cubase 10.5 eLicenser error

Hello. I installed Cubase 10.5 a week ago. Along with my vsts and plugins. All was working fine, until this morning when an error regarding the “Vst sound library not found” popped. From there it all went to hell. Everything Steinberg related did not function anymore. The eLicenser Control Center was giving errors also. I reinstalled the eLicenser software and plugged it on another usb port. It all worked. Once. After that the same problem. I managed to make it work by ending the “Protected Object Server (32 bit)” Service that relates to Synsopos.exe. But that is only temporary, until the next cubase / pc restart. Also, now the "Content licence check " takes much longer! What is going on ?

cc3 cc1

I had same issue, go to start-(WIN 10) type elicenser then right click select run as administrator- is it elienser blank? If yes remove and reseat does this fix? if no try a different USB slot. Does this fix? (run maintenance after each change too) If no transfer licenses to another key possibly (I had to do this recently because of key issue- Luckily I have 4 of them lol). Also prior to all this download and install latest eLicense version here. I hope some of this helps :slight_smile: elicenser | Steinberg

The problem is not the eLicenser, I have tested it in another system. The problem is that “Protected Object Server (32 bit)” service that gets stuck. I have uninstalled then reinstalled the latest Control Center and it’s stable…almost. If I try to open Cubase in less than 10 seconds I have closed it, i get the errors again. So they managed to damage something in the last update. I have been using Cubase and eLicensers for years now, never had this problem. It is something related to Windows 10 I presume. On Windows 8, Cubase 9.5 and 9 ran flawless for 3-4 years. Luckily searching the forums I found some workarounds but I hope they will resolve this . Thanks for your answer.