Cubase 10.5 - Enter Tempo Command Broken

Hi all,

I was just using Cubase 10.5 and noticed my key command for Transport - Enter Tempo (Shift+T for me) doesnt work in 10.5. There are probably more commands that aren’t working similar to this one, but this was the first one I noticed. Back to 9.5 until this is resolved :frowning:


I updated yesterday from Cubase 10 to 10.5 and noticed the same thing. I hope it gets fixed ASAP !

Yes! I have this as well. It’s working in 10! In 10.5I have to press shift+T twice, and after I enter it, the small tempo window is still highlighted, so I need to pres esc to get out of it.

Same here with 10.5.

Has anyone gotten this to work? I just updated 10.5 again, and it still isnt working

Has anyone gotten this to work yet? It still isnt working for me and I just updated to10.5.12

Not working here - Cubase Pro 10.15.12 and Mojave 10.14.6