Cubase 10.5 File Management

Hi, I’m coming from 20 years of Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton use - I used to use Cubase in the 90s on both Atari and later mac :slight_smile:

I’ve read the manual, and am exploring a basic version of AI I have to try Cubase before jumping on higher versions - no trial version available as yet. I’d be interested to know how you guys are starting projects and dealing with setting up projects, and managing audio files.

Currently, and bear in mind I am only on AI, and I am creating a project folder in the Hub and copying the folder name to start the project. For example ‘Client Mix’. Which I figure is all good but I am surprised that there isn’t a way of automatically creating a project folder and Cubase file. Perhaps I am missing something?

In terms of keeping all the audio files within the Project folder, when importing you select Copy To Project File to store in the project Audio folder?

Later down the process I assume you can remove from the project (hopefully without deleting) any unused audio files, and also check to make sure that all used files are in the Audio?

How about files that are used by Groove Agent, can you collect these somehow? Or do you have to do this manually within GA?

I choose to copy all imported samples to the work folder when working on a project so I record and have samples in the same folder. If you want to clean up your folder along the way you need to use the Backup project to a new folder, that will copy all your user files to a new folder and leave the unused behind.
With stuff like Groove Agent, Kontakt and similar the answer is that yes you must save those presets/samples separately within the instrument.

Thanks Glenn, and I assume setting up a Project folder and subsequent .cpr file to kick projects off is an okay way of getting going. I am so used to Pro Tools and Ableton who do it all for you, that a manual process caught me out.

yeah for me I like that you set the folder before you start so there is no searching for stuff when you have 100’s of projects in the same folder… Because YES!!! I have a few friends that have it like that and have all their stuff in Documents, and if they have to move to a new computer or do a re-install of windows it is a nightmare to reorganize if you use a different user name etc

Probably the single thing you can do to avoid Project location problems is to check the Box “Prompt for project location” in the Project Assistant.

And don’t create a general location for multiple unnamed/sketches/temporary Projects to live side by side - every new Project gets its own Folder.

Thanks Raino