Cubase 10.5 import from project not loading input routing

When I load say a drum folder with 12 tracks, Cubase 10.5 import from project does not load input routing. Eve if I just select one track, input routing is “No Bus”.

No Bus normally means that the original bus isn’t active in my experience. Have you checked that the inputs are active before loading? (press F4 -> inputs)

Yes, it’s exactly the same inputs.

just to double check:

you use the File > Export > Selected tracks


import track archives right?

I just double check as I haven’t used it for a while, but works just fine here for 8 channels which pick up my inputs as I had them as long as I remember to setup the inputs 1st

No I’m using the new “Import From Project” in Cubase 10.5
I’ll try that though although I’m guessing what I’m doing should work.