Cubase 10.5 is buggy in Mac OS 10.13.6

Cubase 10.5 seems to be the buggiest version after Cubase 6-6.5 period. Running on High Sierra, Cubase 10.0.50 is working perfectly alright and stable, but 10.5 crashes when loading/opening third party plugins like McDSP and Fabfilter. Hope an update will fix the matter.

Nandhu Kartha


macOS High Sierra is no compatible with Cubase 10.5. Please make sure you are using compatible OS.

Ale make sure your plug-ins are up to date.

Hi Martin,
Yes, I came to know about that yesterday only. Wouldn’t have upgraded C10.5 this quick If I knew earlier. Anyway, I’ll update the OS soon. Thank you so much.

High Sierra was released on September 25 2017. The OS os barely two years old not 20 years old Martin. To put that in perspective thats 790 days if you include the last couple months. And last I checked Catalina was yet to be supported by Steinberg. Which leaves Mojave…

I’ve read this Mojave thread ( and 10.5 doesn’t seem to work on that very well either. So I’m not doing that just yet.

Which begs the question, which Mac OS does 10.5 actually work smoothly on? I can reassure some of you Cubaser’s that are reading this that up to this point except for the WAVES 9.92 GUI blacking out it seems to work well for me on the vintage High Sierra OS even though it’s officially not supported. Although I don’t have McDSP or Fab Filter.

I did start a support ticket and the official word of course is run and hide behind a two year old OS. Seriously. I don’t mind a few bugs now and again but this upgrade it would seem from the massive amount of crash reports logged on this forum on any MAC OS released in the last couple years like the vintage OS High Sierra is buggier than a maggot fest on a rotting bison. Thankfully it doesn’t smell. Did Steinberg actually test this upgrade on a Mac? I don’t suppose Steinberg had any trouble with the money I paid them for this upgrade? Like the bank wouldn’t accept the money as it was made just last week or? All kidding aside it should work on an OS barely two years old.

Is this is ridiculous, however it is apple.
But it should be quite clear now that apple is not interested in professional users they have moved their focus on consumer toys.
(And in my opinion they lose that battle against google and cheap Chinese hardware.) Too bad, when Jobs was running the company they challenged Microsoft on the desktop and was far ahead on hand held computers.