Hi all,

I downloaded my “free update” to 10.5 after being validated by the appropriate time ( i activated cubase 10 after the 16th Oct).

Now i get this error when running it: “Your Cubase Pro 10 time-limited license has expired. You cannot use it any lonfer” .

Was this just a limited license “try out” ? Was under the impression that i qualified for a full version… bummed!

Can anybody help?

Hi and welcome,

Is your Cubase 10 (10.5) activated properly?

Can you attach a screenshot from eLCC application, please (make sure all Soft-eLicenser, USB-eLicenser and license numbers are blurred, please)?

Hey Martin.Jirsak ,

Thx for your reply!

I have activated Cubase 10 when i purchased it, got sent an activation code via email.

I didnt receive a new activation code for 10.5, was i meant to?

I have attached a screen shot of my eLCC app .

Looking forward to your response.


Please follow this article to verify your Grace Period validity and get the license is it’s valid.

thx Martin,

looks like its sorted!

All i needed to do was run the maintenance function and it updated my license from 10 to 10.5.

It says "Application-Instances: 7 " What does this mean?


You can ignore the number. It’s just an information how many protected code is running at the time.