Cubase 10.5 license questions

Thanks brother

Having the same issue with trying to upgrade Cubase Elements 9 - Cubase LE 10.5 (from email offer Steinberg today). No valid e-license found for upgrade. Now I can not use my Cubase Elements 8 or 9 as it crashes once it starts to scan for vst and hits Halion SE.

Please help as well.

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As far as I know, you cannot downgrade your license from Elements to LE (even not going to the higher/newer Cubase generation).

Does any body know if I purchase the license for elements 10.5 will it unlock elements 6? I have le 6 but want to avoid windows 10 atm so if a 10.5 licence does the trick I’ll go down that road.
Not had a reply to my support ticket hence coming here.


Yes, it will work. You can start older Cubase version (of the same or lower edition) with your license.

I have both LE 10.5 and Elements 10.5 activate on eLicenser. How can I start the Elements which has the license on USB licenser? I have the USB licenser plugged in and recognized in eLicenser software, however, every time only the LE starts? I want to have both on the same PC as I can use the LE when the USB dongle is used on laptop.


Cubase should always start the highest edition available. So in this case I would expect Cubase Elements would start automatically.

So there is a bug in software as it doesn’t work as it should.


Are you sure both of your licenses are 10.5 and the application is 10.5?

That might be the reason. For some reason I seem to have Cubase LE 8 (not installed) and “Cubase LE” licenses activated, plus the “Cubase Elements 10”. The “LE” version number is not shown in My Steinberg -> My Products -> Software at all. I assume it is 10.5 and the Elements is just 10(.0). It would be nice to have other (minor version) number there also, it’s little bit confusing now, and the common software version numbering convention is ... Anyway, I guess I have to either install 10.0 version or upgrade to 10.5 to be able to use the same binary.




I have upgraded from elements 10.5 to pro, got my USB dongle but I am going around in circles to activate, def bought the right upgrade package

This keep happening

Any help please.

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To me it looks like you don’t own Cubase Elements 10.5 license. Isn’t it Cubase Elements 10.0.x license by any chance?

You need to move the license from the soft licenser to the USB licenser first before you can upgrade.