Cubase 10.5 license questions

Hello, a few license\install questions.

If we buy USB dongles for our 20 x new 10.5 elements install on Win10.

1. Does the individual machine need anything else doing to it to be licensed, other than having the software installed and dongle attached? Is there additional elicenser settings?

2. what happens if the machine hard drive gets wiped, will the new install just pick up the attached dongle and hence be licensed?

3. how can we provide staff with a license to use at home, do we buy them a dongle?

4. Is Cubase 10.5 elements deployable over a network via MSI or silent command line install?

We are a school

Hi and welcome,

You don’t need USB-eLicenser for Cubase Elements. Cubase Elements license can be (and it is by default) stored at the Soft-eLicenser.

1.1 If you use Soft-eLicenser number, the machine has to be connected to the internet at the moment of Activation the license.
1.2 If you use USB-eLicenser, you can activate the license at any other (internet connected) computer and then just plug it in to the computer with your Cubase.

2.1 If you use Soft-eLicenser, you have to Reactivate the license to the new hard-drive/system.
2.2 If you use USB-eLicenser, you don’t have to do anything special. Just keep the USB-eLicenser plugged in. The license is still there (on the USB-eLicenser).

  1. To do this, you have to use the USB-eLicenser and transfer the license on it.

  2. It’s deployable over network via MSI.

As a school, you can use EDU discounts. :wink:

Hi Martin,

in response to the OP’s question you say that a USB dongle is not required for elements 10.5.

Is this the case for LE AI Elements 10.5? I’m not sure if it is the same product or not. I purchased an upgrade from 6.5

I have raised a totally unanswered support ticket on the 23rd November to try and sort the upgrade issue I have.

When I try and run the 10.5 version it says No Valid Licence found. When I try to Start Licence Activation, it accepts the Activation Code, shows it as an upgrade from Various versions of Elements to 10.5 but then it shows “No licence to upgrade selectable”.

Really frustrated with the lack of response - just totally ignored by support.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Cubase LE AI Elements is one executable.Based on the license, Cubase LE or AI or Elements starts. All of these licenses are stored in the Soft-eLicenser by default and you don’t need a USB-eLicenser.

If you upgrade from other license, you have to get the other license activated in your eLCC application first. So first activate the “old” Cubase, please. If you have activated the old Cubase to other computer already, Reactivate this license to the “new” computer first, please. Then you can use the upgrade activation code.

Btw, did you buy an upgrade from Cubase Elements 6.5 (or other Cubase derivative)?

Thanks for the quick reply Martin,

The Upgrade is on the same PC as the LE6 (Build 6.07) installation. I tried going from the help menu in the LE installation to the Registration. This appears to have gone through ok and after the database is updated, the eLC version shows both the Keys and the HDD symbols in the eLicencers column, not greyed-out. In the Licenses column there’s a CUBASE LE6 Steinberg SeL not greyed-out, with a key symbol. Above that are 2 items in red that are expired demos .

So, when I click to add activation code, it accepts the code as legitimate & then brings me back to the “select licene to upgrade” screen and tells me there are none available hen I click the Key icon - the Upgradable licenses is blank in the right hand column.
The HDD Icon is now greyed-out with a NO-ENTRY symbol superimposed, and the CUBASE LE in the right-hand pane is similarly greyed out with the no-entry symbol over it. The only apparent difference now is the Licences pane says 5 application instances now.
The Upgrade Licenses button is greyed-out and the warning Diamond says to connect the USB eLicenser.

When launching LE6 i get an error message about no valid license found for: Production Grooves, (x2), Analog Techno, Blockbuster, Hip-hop vault & 5 others which I can click OK.

This is really irritating - I hope you can help!!

Thanks again,


Are you sure, you bought an upgrade to Cubase Elements? Did you pay 49.99€?

Could you provide a screenshots, please? Make sure the Soft-eLicenser Number and the Activation Code are blurred, please.

HI Martin,

I bought it through a link in a marketing email from Steinberg and it was less than E49.99 in £

Definitely was an upgrade from Elements 4LE or Higher to Elements 10.5

I can’t see how to post screenshots I’m afraid but can email you screenshots if that would help?

Many thanks,


Upload the screenshot to Dropbox (or similar service) and share the link, please.

Hi, here’s the Screenshot link (rtf file):


The Activation Code is an upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 and higher, not Cubase Elements 4 and higher.

The picture from the shop, there is totally different upgrade selected. There is upgrade from Cubase LE (4 and higher), Cubase AI, Cubase Essential 4/5 and Sequel 2/3.

So the question is, what did you really buy (most probably upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 and higher) and what Cubase do you really own?

It must have been the Update then

this is the installed version.

If it is licensed you don’t own it in the first place…

I’d just like it if it worked :slight_smile:


The installed version is Cubase LE6, but the upgrade is from Cubase Elements 6. So this cannot work.

Just to be 100% sure, the most important is the license itself. So the one, which is in the eLCC.

Ask AskNet to refund.

Martin, thanks for your continued input. What should I have bought then?
The naming is just totally nonsense…



If your Current license is Cubase LE (you can find it in the eLCC application), you should upgrade from Cubase LE (4 and higher) for 49,99€. See attached screenshot, please.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your help.

If I could get a response from Steinberg, I might be able to get a refund first, but with absolutely zero response since the 23rd Nov, I’m not optimistic and less than keen to spend any further with them…

You mentioned Asknet; I can’t find any link to it on the site - do you have a link please?


I found a way to Asknet, so don’t worry about a link, thanks.

Hi Martin!

I have an active Cubase 10 upgrade license.

I purchased an upgrade license 19,99EUR. When I write the ELC the 10.5 license key, the program send this message:

I try complet elc procedure, the license don’t work.


The first license for ZOOM HX4 pro, then I buy upgrade license 9.5 Elements, and I buy 10 Elements update, and now buy 10.5 Elements update.

Can I Help me?

Thank you!


Please can someone help me with Cubase 10.5 activation code? .
That’s my Mail address… Thanks.


In this case I would recommend to get in contact with official Steinberg support.


What was the step before this screenshot, please?