Cubase 10.5 looks extremely dark after upgrading?

Hi! I just upgraded from Cubase 9 AI to 10.5 Elements, basically doing a full reinstall, and seems the new version is basically all black & white, lacking almost any kind of color.

I do realize there was probably some redesign along the way, but looking at youtube and just screenshots overall I feel that mine looks very different from what I’m seeing elsewhere.

I noticed there’s some color settings under “Edit -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Color Schemes” and that I can change a few of the colors, but I’m still surprised why everyone else’s Cubase looks so much different than mine?


To me your Cubase look like default. Please compare with the screenshots on the Steinberg’s website.

I agree. I used to work in Cubase 5 and it was lighter. Maybe there is a way to change the colours?

Hi and welcome,

Yes, there is a way: Preferences > User Interface > Color Schemes > Custom Color Scheme.

v11 will be black by default! :smiley:
It’s been getting darker and darker, luckily, you can change it.


In general there is a trend to make softwares darker and darker. What fits to the OSs Dark Modes.